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CRDG has been giving a Better Disc Golf experience since 1995! We've also been an Innova Certified Vendor since 1995, and we know quite a bit about Innova Discs. We give our OWN personal experience with each Innova product..in its description, and want you to be better informed SO YOU CAN MAKE BETTER DISC and PRODUCT SELECTIONS.



Please Read This Page!

This article is Quick Crash-Course on Practicing & Playing Disc Golf and Golf Discs...including information about Innova's Flight Number System and different characteristics that discs possess. Some of it may sound confusing and we recommend you read it now, and...then go to our Shop Innova Discs page. As you shop through the discs...refer back to this article to dial in on the exact disc you need. Take your time reading it...you'll need to absorb as much of this stuff as you can.

A Head-Start!

Beginners and even long-time disc golfers can quickly learn Disc Flight Numbers...and/or, why discs fly like they do, and a little bit of Disc Golf Lingo too. Reading this page will give you a HEAD-START on haveing A Better Disc Golf Experience!

We also recommend checking out the Innova Plastic Lines page.



Always stretch-out and warm-up before heading to Hole #1 to throw as hard as you can. Show up early and stretch some while you're Putting, and Breath Deeply through your nose and then exhale from your mouth...many times for 4-minutes. Get your adrenaline flowing and open your eyes WIDE to get focused!

Practice Putting a Whole Lot!

Beginning Disc Golf Players should PRACTICE A LOT! Practice Putting every day if you can and concentrate on a long smooth Putting Style. Learn to Putt In-Line and Straddle-Style in a Long and Smooth stroke with a pop from the tips of the fingers. For long-putts...you may want to give the putter a little turn-over...to make it fly as flat and straight as you can. Try to not let the putter land on an edge, to avoid roll aways.

Putting Games can Make You a GREAT PUTTER!

Get a few Putters (we recommend: DX Aviar, KC Aviar, JK Aviar-X, R-Pro Aviar, and Yeti Aviar). Then, go play some Putting Games with your buddies. Here are a few of CRDG's favorites: Chain Reaction, Powling, 21, or traditional Horse. We recommend some competitive putting GAMES whenever you get a chance. You'll become a much better putter and it's more FUN than practice putting alone.

Practice Driving at the range every day!

Try to show up early for your round and practice some drives at the course's driving range...after Putting! Start with your Approach Discs, then Mid-range, Fairway Drivers, and Finally Long Drivers. Try not to throw your Hardest until you're properly warmed up. Throw high and smoothly (Not Hard) across the chest when Driving...focusing on accuracy over distance.

Focus on Accuracy!

When playing long holes and narrow holes focus on slightly shorter, more accurate drives, keeping your disc in the fairway--and not in the shule. You'll have much BETTER SCORES and a BETTER DISC GOLF EXPERIENCE. The distance will come with time and practice, and you'll lose a lot less discs too. Drive For setting-up...Putting for Dough!


A lot of skill goes into throwing a Golf Disc down the different fairways a course may have, and using the right disc makes it easier. That said, you MUST have discs that will fly a variety of ways...so you can make those shots. 1 distance driver (in your bag) isn't going to cover every long-shot you'll encounter, and the same goes for your putter and mid-range driver. We recommend you try to fill your Disc Golf Bag with discs that compliment each other and cover as many shots as possible. This page has an example at the bottom of two 13 speed discs (Boss & Daedalus) that work wonderfully to cover many of your longer drives.

Back-Up Your Favorite Discs!

As you play the game more you'll probably find yourself carrying  2 or 3 of the same model distance drivers (example: Boss), mid-range drivers (example: Roc3), and putters (example: Aviar). Or, you may like 13-14 speed drivers and carry 2 or 3 in your bag. We recommend you carry a back-up of the discs you throw the most and/or best. It's always a good idea to have a back-up in case you lose a disc that's working good for you.



Innova uses a fairly simple system of numbers to show the flight characteristics of each disc. These numbers show how much SPEED, GLIDE, TURN, & FADE a disc has. Innova has these numbers stamped on top of all their discs and you can also find all the disc flight numbers on each of our disc model pages along with detailed descriptions of the disc's flight characteristics.


Disc speed is very important, and with so many Speeds (Currently Innova has 14 disc speeds) it is one of the harder disc characteristics to Master. There are many discs with the same speed that don't fly anything like each other. E.g., the 13 speeders; Ape and Daedalus are both very fast, but they're very different high speed drivers, and are typically used for shots that are quite different.

There are many Same-Speed discs:

Innova manufactures Discs in Low Speeds and High Speeds. The fastest disc speeds start at: 14 & 13 speed, 12 speed, 11 speed, 10 speed, and so on. All have different Turn, Glide, & Fade, and thus, differing flight characteristics.

What Speed Disc To Throw?

It may take a lot of testing, but you'll figure out what speed discs work best for your game's long drives, mid-range drives, and Putt & Approach shots. Below we'll explain them in more detail.

Putt & Approach discs (1-3 speed).

These Golf Discs tend to be blunt-nosed, slow [straighter] flying discs that are more similar to a catch Frisbee. Although, they're Slower discs...a Putt & Approach Disc can be thrown very far when thrown with good technique. Some Top Pros throw Aviar Putters from 450-500 ft. with accuracy.

Many Putters in Many Plastic-types!

Some putters are made with softer plastics that tend to grab onto the chains in the target better. Putters don't skip and roll away as often...so use a putter when putting at the target or for short drives.

Click to view Innova Putt & Approach 1-2 Speed.
Click to view Innova Putt & Approach 3-3.5 Speed.

Mid-range Drivers (4-5 speed).

Mid-range Discs are designed for short to semi-long shots (approach spots)...depending on the disc. A mid-range disc usually has a slightly beveled leading edge and can fly faster and further than putters. Mid-range drivers are where the majority of your ACES will come from...occasionally it's same disc over and over. So it's a great idea to learn to throw a FEW mid-range well! Although it's called a Mid-range Driver...it can also be thrown very far.

Click to view Innova Mid-range Drivers 4-Speed.
Click to view Innova Mid-range Drivers 5-Speed.

Fairway Drivers (6-8 speed)

These are the utility drivers that fill the gaps between super-long drivers and mid-range drivers. They tend to handle wind pretty well, and aren't to FLIPPY in the wind...unlike some under-stable long drivers. It's good to start throwing a fairway driver as a beginner. You'll stay in the FAIRWAY MORE! 

Click to open Innova Fairway Drivers in new window.

Distance Drivers (9-14 speed)

Distance Drivers have sleek, beveled, leading edges that make them more aerodynamic and much faster than Blunt-nosed, Frisbee style throwing discs. The fastest drivers (13 & 14-speed) tend to have a wide rim that may be too big for smaller hands.

Faster is better, BUT!

There's a double edge sword that comes with all that speed & distance, and it is WILD SHOTS! Beginners may want to start with 9 or 10-speed drivers and work your way up as your game's distance and accuracy progresses.

Click to view Innova Drivers 9 Speed.
Click to view Innova Drivers 10 Speed
Click to view Innova Drivers 11 Speed.
Click to view Innova Drivers 12 Speed.
Click to view Innova Drivers 13-14 Speed.


Glide is a discs ability to stay aloft and not fade to the ground at different speeds. More glide usually means more distance and is helpful for less powerful throwers. If you don't have a big arm or lots of spin--get a driver with a high glide number.

Finesse Required!

A high Glide discs requires more finesse and doesn't like to be crushed overly hard though. Over-powering and missing the angle of release with an under-stable [high glide disc] will amplify the errant shot.

GOT Low Glide # discs?

It's also good to have LOW GLIDE Discs for certain shots that need to come down to the ground fast and dip or skip, or handle a head-wind. A low glide disc in the wind will tend to be easier to control...and won't get blown around. Remember--you need less glide on an upshot or short shot when it's windy.


A back-hand, right-hand thrown Golf Disc that curves to the right is a Turn-over Shot. Turn. Aka: Anhyzer, Draw, & Flip, are a few names disc golfers call turn-over shots. Turn is the tendency of a disc to become under-stable and Roll-over when thrown hard enough and with enough spin. Softly thrown discs with low spin don't turn as easily as a disc thrown with power and with more spin. Remember--DOWN-WIND a disc doesn't turn as easy as a disc thrown into a headwind.

Turn is a Tricky Characteristic, because...every disc will turn differently under MANY different circumstances.

Every disc can be made to turn-over, but Very flippy-discs (High-Turn) will flip or turn-over the easiest and make great Roller-shot discs. A [-5 TURN] disc is flippy and will probably roll like a wheel into a head-wind, but will make a good down-wind long distance driver. Down-wind thrown shots tend to fade quicker and need low turn discs (-4 or -5) to keep from fading and skipping away.

Understable = Turn!

Remember, an under-stable disc turns-over and anhyzers, and, the LOWER the turn #...the more turn-over the disc will have. Mamba's have -5 Turn and they're pretty FLIPPY and make good turn-over discs!


Guess what happens when a disc loses speed and spin? It FADES-OUT. Higher-Fade discs--Aka: HYZER or STABLE discs, will fall left and down (on right-handed, backhand throws) and skip or dig if needed...as it loses RPMs and speed. High-Fade golf discs usually have a deep rim and a slightly bigger leading edge.

Learn to throw discs that Fade HARD!

It's the best type of disc for throwing into a head-wind and windy conditions in general. A disc that Hyzers Hard is perfect for skip shots and wide open approach shots too.

Everyone needs a UNDER-STABLE discs.

Don't forget about getting some low FADE numbered discs too. You must have under-stable discs that fly straight, turn-over, fly straight down-wind, and fly straight down-hill. Most disc golfers from beginners to Professionals need discs that don't fade and stay flying flat, or turned-over. A disc with less fade may keep you from fading and skipping into the creek...keeping you in the middle of the fairway for a Birdie putt.

Below are a couple of our favorite long distance drivers.

We recommend you carry 2 Star Boss, 1 G-Star Boss, 1 or 2 G-Star Shryke, and 2 G-Star Daedalus in your bag. All are 13 speed discs, but their flight characteristics are quite different. And, Star-line and G-Star plastics help these three 13-speed distance drivers compliment each other by covering a wide varieties of shots.


The Boss is our first Speed 13 Distance Driver. This is a fast stable driver that can handle full power throws and moderate headwinds. Advanced players and sidearm throwers will appreciate the dependable stability. The Boss has a slight high speed turn to help maximize distance with a predictable fade. 13 SPEED / 5 GLIDE / -1 TURN / 3 FADE

Blizzard Boss and R-Pro Boss are World record Distance Versions.

The Innova Star Boss is CRDG's favorite stable distance driver. We highly recommend you carry this disc in your bag for head-winds, skip-shots, and power drives that need to fade hard.


The Shryke is an easy to throw, very long range driver for a wide variety of players. A mild high speed turn puts the Shryke in glide mode, which along with its high aerodynamic speed, give it incredible distance. The low speed fade is also mild, which makes it easy to keep on the fairway. The Shryke is similar to our popular Tern but faster and slightly more high speed stable. 13 SPEED / 6 GLIDE / -2 TURN / 2 FADE

CRDG's favorite BOOMING distance driver!

Chain Reaction LOVES the Innova G-Star Shryke and we know you will too! We highly recommend you carry the Innova G-Star Shryke in your bag for ULTRA-LONG DISTANCE shots. The Shyryke has added distance to our drives and adds distance to almost everyone's game!


A distance driver for humans who want to soar with gods. The Daedalus has wings to fly far down the fairway. The Daedalus is a new maximum downwind distance driver crafted for less powerful players. The disc will double as a long distance roller for more advanced players. The Daedalus likes to be thrown low and hard, but smoothly. Make sure it doesn't soar too close to the sun. 13 SPEED / 6 GLIDE / -4 TURN / 2 FADE

CRDG's favorite under-stable distance driver!

We highly recommend you carry the Innova G-Star Daedalus in your bag for super-long drives, down-winds, skip-shots, and low ceiling shots.

Play By The Rules

Chain Reaction Disc Golf Highly Recommends you learn the Rules of Disc Golf. The current standard is the PDGA's Disc Golf Rules Book and we have them available. Learning the Rules will help you play better disc golf by clearing your head of any thought's you might have (in the middle of your shot) about the rules.

Click to view PDGA Rules Book.