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This CRDG SHOP page has information & links to everything we manufacture and all retail item categories. We Specialize in Disc Golf and Innova Disc Golf Products are our Forte. We carry many items that Innova manufactures and can get any Innova item stocked Quickly!

CRDG also Specializes in Disc Golf Signage.

We've been manufacturing Tee-Signs, Course Maps, and Rules Signs since 2003. Chain Reaction's Golf Signs are on nearly 50 disc golf courses.

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Chain Reaction Sky Dye System!

The SKY DYE System allows you purchase a SKY DYED DISC from our huge Gallery. Most designs are available directly from the site, and you purchase your dye and disc...similar to ordering a PIZZA! We also make CUSTOM Sky Dyes...examples are shown on the SDS. Custom Sky Dyes will require you to Contact-Us to get started dyeing your Work-of-Art on a golf disc.

Pick your Dye and Your Disc!

Choose from our available Sky Dye Designs and In-Stock Golf Discs [w/preferred weight].

Read The Sky Dye Info Page!

Please Read The Sky Dye Info Page BEFORE ordering from the Sky Dye System. You must pick from specific plastic-types and colors, and there are other instructions that must be followed.


We call them SKY DYES!

We've been Sky Dyeing Golf Discs for over 20 years, and have THOUSANDS of dye designs. Our unique Sky Dye System Process uses permanent plastic dyes with DEEPER, RICHER, BEAUTIFUL DYE COLORS...that last forever.

Sky Dye System PHASE-1 is UP.

The NEW SDS is The Future of GOLF DISC DYEING. It's Pretty should check it out!


Want To See Something COOL!

The SKY DYE System has 8-themes and 100s of dye designs, and more will be added! Our Semi-automated Setup allows you purchase a SKY DYED DISC from our website...CUSTOM Sky Dyes will require phone calls and/or emails!

Pick your Dye and Your Disc!

You get to choose from our available Sky Dye Designs and In-Stock Golf Discs [w/preferred weight].


For Permanent or Portable Targets!

Our Reactor Chain Sets adorn 100s of practice targets throughout the country and all of them are Happy Targets! We have never had a complaint about a Reactor Inner Chain Kit and guarantee your target will love a Reactor too!

Fast Installation!

Reactor Inner Chain Sets are easy to install and take from 10-15 minutes to attach permanently to your target. We have Chain Sets for most portable targets.

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We Love the Innova HeroPack Bag and believe it's the BEST BAG 4 the BUCK$! We've been Testing the HeroPack, and after many rounds, have found an Issue with the Bag Sagging when weight is added to the TOP Pockets. Our HEADER Is a Quick-Fix!

Free w/HeroPack Bag!

We include our HEADER-BEAM with every HeroPack Bag. We Highly Recommend the HEADER! Get your HeroPack a HEADER and keep it LOOKING NEW!

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20-Plus Years Experience!

Chain Reaction Disc Golf will design a course that's Fun, Safe, Environmentally Sound, and Challenging! We can design your new course, re-design a portion of an established course, or completely re-design your Disc Golf Course.

Smart & Reasonably Priced!

Our Course Designs are Smart and Professional at a Reasonable Price, and we can also supply Targets, Tee-Signs, and Tee Boxes if needed.

Please Contact-Us for a Course Package Price-Quote.
Please click here to view our Course Design Page.


Best Bags 4 The Buck!

Innova Disc Bags are Stylish, Tough, Affordable, and Feature Packed. Chain Reaction Disc Golf recommends all Innova Disc Golf Bag models. The HeroPack Bag is CRDG's Favorite!

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We Specialize in Innova Products!

We carry most Innova Golf Discs and have them in Champion, Star, G-Star, Blizzard, Pro, and DX plastics lines. We carry most Innova discs and you choose your model, color, and weight.

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Targets at Great Prices!

CRDG carries all Innova DISCatcher Targets and/or we'll have the targets quickly drop-shipped from Innova's warehouses. Contact Us [Now] If you're looking for a package deal on 2 or more Targets.

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Disc Golf Wear from Innova!

Innova Sportswear is Durable and Sharp! We have plenty of Core Performance Tees, Hex Camo JerseysTeam Innova Dry-fit JerseysDestroyer T-shirts, Innova Rising Star TeesLong Sleeved Innova Logo T-shirts and more InnovaWear in stock.

Looking for a Variety?

You've come to the right spot! We regularly update our InnovaWear stock and we also carry plenty of Innova HeadWear.

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Protects Your Noggin and Looks Good!

Chain Reaction Disc Golf carries Innova Head-wear in most styles, sizes, and colors. We currently have Flat Bill Caps, Star Performance Caps, Innova Air Force Mesh TruckerInnova Mesh TruckerDry-Weave Flex-Fit, Cotton-Flex Fit, Toboggan BeaniesBeanies, and more in stock.

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We carry Many Innova Party Favors!

We carry all sorts of products from Innova. We carry Innova Air Force Patch, Innova Roc PatchInnova License Plate Covers, Innova Bottle Openers, Stickers, Mini Driver Discs, Swirly Mini Discs, and more.

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New Releases and Old Collectibles!

We carry every New Disc Model [1st Run Proto-Star] Innova soon as they're available. We also carry various Proto-type discs, Hard-To-Find, and Limited Run discs from Innova.

Click for 1st Run & Collectible Discs.


We Carry All Legacy Products!

We carry every Legacy Disc Model and all Legacy Disc Golf Bags and their Quad-Straps. We also carry Legacy Swag items, various Legacy Headwear items, and various Legacy Sportswear items. We specialize in Legacy's products and can answer any questions you may have pertaining to any of Legacy's items. We also carry various Legacy 1st Run Discs and plan to carry any new runs when they're released.

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All Innova Golf Discs are Beautiful in their own way, but the Fairest of them all is the Metal-Flake Champion-Line golf disc.

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We're Here For You!

Please Contact-Us if you have a questions about any Innova Disc or Product...we can help!

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