Innova's 1st Run Golf Discs are stamped with a SPECIAL 4-POINT STAR DESIGN, aka; 1ST RUN ~ PROTO-STAR HOT-STAMP, on its 1ST Run of a new mold. Innova produces and stamps a limited amount of their 1ST Production Run with the Proto-Star Stamp, & WHEN THEY'RE GONE...THEY'RE GONE!

High Dollar Collectibles!

Innova's 1ST Runs have sold Thousands of DOLLARS! If you're thinking about collecting rare discs...START HERE!

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The Innova Metal-Flake Plastic Line is in production for now, but could be discontinued in the future. We Highly Recommend that you purchase some of these Metal-Flake Jewels for throwing...and stash away a few MF discs! They could be collectors in the Future!

MF Mamba and MF Katana are OOP!

We believe the MF Line is going to yield some COLLECTIBLE discs...the Mamba and Katana [in Metal-Flake] are already Out-of-Production and Hard-to-Find!

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We've been collecting & trading discs for over 20-years and Recommend it as a hobby. Many discs appreciate in value over time (especially old, un-thrown discs). Even, Lightly-Used and Highly-Factored early runs sometimes sell for amazing prices!

Various Hard-to-Find!

This page contains RARE Golf Discs...including: Innova Limited Edition discs, Innova Air Force, and some Hidden Jewels.

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CRDG [Collects and Trades] Innova Pre-Flight Numbered discs and we have quite a few in stock. We highly recommend collecting Pre Flight #  discs that are also OOP!

What are Pre-Flight # Discs?

Innova has changed all discs to include FLIGHT NUMBERS on them. For example, the Flight #s 14-Speed | 5-Glide | -2-Turn | 3-Fade are stamped on top of the Champion Colossus. These numbers are used to inform players how a golf disc will perform under different conditions. Older Innova discs [DON'T have flight-#S] and are GREAT Collectors!

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If you have a Golf Disc Collection and haven't added any Innova 1st Run Proto-Star discs...CRDG recommends adding some Now! Innova 1st Run Proto-Star discs are some of top traded & sold Collector Discs, and some go for Amazing Prices.

We Receive All Innova 1st Runs.

We have the latest Innova 1st Runs in stock and at Great Prices. Get You Some!

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