Industry Standard!

Innova Metal Flake Roc3 is a Stable Mid-range that's recommended for those who want the Best MF Mid-range on the planet. The MF Roc3 has the same flight characteristics as its Champion-Line and Star-Line Brethren, and is a Permanent addition to Innova's MF Line-up; FOR NOW(?)

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MF VRoc is High-Tech!

The Innova VRoc uses Innova's V-Tech RIM design for better ergonomics and more torque resistance. V-Tech makes the VRoc fly straighter and longer than the Roc3. The Champion MF VRoc is available in only purple and cranberry, and heavy weights.

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The Legendary Destroyer Shines!

Innova's MF plastic is made by combining SILVER METAL-FLAKES and some Beautiful Champion-line plastic. It performs exactly like regular Champion-line and is as durable as any plastic. The Metal Flake Champion-Line Destroyer is a very fast, slightly stable, distance driver and is what Pros Throw!

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World Class TeeBird!

The MF Champion TeeBird likes to soar for distance and it will keep you in the Center Cut! The Innova TeeBird has been the World's Preeminent Fairway Driver for 2-Decades. It's a World Champion Maker and is what Top Pros Throw! 

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Champion MF TeeBird3 is Gorgeous!

The Metal-Flake Champion Teebird3 is very durable and feels & performs like regular Champion-Line plastic. MF TeeBird3 has been DISCONTINUED, and we have some in stock. The 8-Speed TeeBird3 Soars, and is faster and has less glide than a regular TeeBird.

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World Champion's Choice!

The Thunderbird is also available in awesome Metal Flake Champion plastic. MF Champion performs exactly like the regular Champion plastic and looks stunning. Thunderbirds are thrown by many top pros including Team Innova's Paul McBeth...4-Time Professional World Champion (2012-2015).

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The Killer MF Gator!

The Innova Metal Flake Champion Gator is an over-stable, Power Mid-Range that likes to be Whipped Hard. The BEEFY LIPPED Gator is the best mid-range for POWER-GRIP drives into a head-wind. MF Gators may be pulled from the MF Line-up and are LIMITED in colors and weights.

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The Innova Metal-Flake Champion Mamba is Pretty looking and Pretty Flippy too! We recommend a Mamba for someone who throws will stretch MORE [D] out of your throws. Innova stopped producing the MF Mamba, and it is a HARD-2-FIND disc!

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MF Wraith is a Got-2-Have!

The MF Champion Wraith is a Professional Distance Driver that can be thrown in a variety of situations, and it will penetrate a slight head-wind with ease! Wraiths are popular with Top-Pros and are excellent distance drivers! The MF Wraith is produced in limited colors and weights.

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Metal-Flake Katana Got CUT!

The Metal-Flake Champion Katana is made from grippy Jolly-Launcher Champion Plastic with small METAL-FLAKES for Brilliance! It performs like a Champion or Glow Champion Katana and has incredible durability. The Katana may get CHOPPED from the Metal-Flake STOCK-UP!

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Metal-Flake could Be DISContinued!

Innova has been removing Disc Molds from their production line-up of Champion Metal-Flake Discs and currently stock only 7-Models.

We have them All!

CRDG carries these Innova Metal Flake Champion-Line Golf Discs: MF Destroyer, MF TeeBird, MF Teebird3, MF Roc3, MF VRoc, MF Gator, MF Mamba, MF Wraith, and MF Katana.

Metal-Flake Champion is limited and may go OOP!