Star Aviar Driver [Non Flight-# & OOP]!

The Star-Line Aviar Driver is Out of Production, and only available in a PF# Hot-stamp. The Star Aviar Driver is a CRDG Recommended Collector Disc! Why? Because, the Star-Line Aviar Driver hasn't been released with Flight Numbers on it...ever! All other models that are produced from the Aviar Driver Mold...have Flight Numbers!

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Champion Viking [PF#]


These [PF#] Vikings have a great price!

The Innova [Pre Flight Number] Golf Disc Collecting Market is Exploding and Old Golf Discs and Old Hot-stamps will be in High-Demand in the future! If you collect discs and haven't added any PF#...Here's your chance!

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Star Skeeter [PF#]

Get Bitten!

The Star Skeeter [Non Flight-Number Hot-Stamp] is a CRDG Recommended Collector Disc. They're available in limited quantities, and when they're gone...you'll be wishing you bought some when you had a chance!

Just Saying...!

Sometimes Innova Cuts-Back on Plastic-types (Star) on certain molds! We Suspect Something's Up and the Star Version might be going OOP. CRDG is not Sure of this, so don't be Impetuous!

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Star Max [PF#-OOP]

Innova PF# Star-Line Max is No Longer!

The Innova Star-line Max was recently DISContinued and now the Out-of-Production [OOP] MAX is in High Demand and Hard-2-Find and getting Harder!

The Star-Line MAX [was] the PREEMINENT side-arm, head-wind driver for many Pros and Advanced players. The Max is going to be missed! R.I.P. Max!

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