Are you in Texas and looking for a Professional Disc Golf Course designer for your new Private or Public Disc Golf Course? Or, maybe you need a complete course re-design or partial re-design? We'd Love to help you and we can design you a Beautiful, Professional Disc Golf Course at a reasonable price!
Course DESIGN Done Professionally!
Thanks for your interest in our Disc Golf Course Design Services. Whether you hire CRDG or someone else to design your course, make sure they're someone who knows what they're doing! There is much more to making a Great Disc Golf Course than a bunch of Ace-Runs and Who-can-Throw-the-Farthest Holes.
Go Professional!
CRDG's Professional Disc Golf Course Designer: Joel Kelly has designed, re-designed, or consulted on the design of dozen of courses and can design you an amazing course that's safe and challenging. Your course will be FRIENDLY on the environment and FUN and MEMORABLE! Your course will have creative ideas that will make for a Better Disc Golf Experience!
Over 20-years PLAYING DISC GOLF!
Designing Disc Golf Courses is unlike any other Profession, and it takes YEARS to become an Expert at all the nuances of the process. We believe you should PLAY Lots of Disc Golf (many years) if you're going to DESIGN COURSES! We have competed on over 500 courses. You should also Compete at the High-Level and know quite a bit about Golf Discs and the Sport in general! Our Master Designers have been Champions at the Highest Levels of the Sport for over 20 years!
Most of need EXPERIENCE. CRDG started in 1995 by helping clubs, churches, private courses, and city parks with course design and maintenance. We've acquired lots of knowledge about disc golf course design and we know what makes a great design. Best of all...CRDG knows what to AVOID!
Contact-Us Before You Proceed!
If you do decide to may want to CONSULT with someone who has course design experience. It Couldn't Hurt! Before you Go It Alone on COURSE DESIGN for the first time. Please Contact-Us before you proceed! CRDG will help you design a Magnificent Course and we guarantee EVERYONE will love it!
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Email: CONTACT US for more information on Disc Golf Course Design.
Private Course Owners, Disc Golf Clubs, and City Parks & Rec Departments please contact us for Turn-key Disc Golf Course Info. We can quote you for a package complete with Targets, Tee-signs, Course Map & Rules Sign, and [if needed] we'll design and install everything from Hole #1's tee box to Hole #18's target...and everything in between. We can also supply you with AFFORDABLE GOLF DISCS for your new course.


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Fedd Fairways At Life Austin Church
Fedd Fairways at Life Austin Church


Chain Reaction Disc Golf designed and installed Fedd Fairways at the Beautiful Life Austin Church in Southwest Austin, TX.

Fedd Fairways is Beautiful!

FF's 9-Hole Course is short and technical, and features Gorgeous Innova DISCatcher Pro 28 Targets, CRDG's Ace Tee-Signs, our Course Map9, and Rules Deluxe Sign.

Fedd Fairways at Life Austin Church
Fedd Fairways at Life Austin Church
Fedd Fairways at Life Austin Church
Open To The Public Daily!

Fedd Fairways at Life Austin Church is open daily from 7:00 am to Sun-down and the public is welcome to play the course.

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Pinnacle Park Disc Golf Course, Georgetown, TX.
Pinnacle Park Georgetown-TX
We Designed and Re-designed Pinnacle!

Chain Reaction Disc Golf designed and installed Pinnacle Park's 9-Hole Disc Golf Course in 2006. At that time, we installed Par Tee-Signs, a Course Map9 and 9 DISCatcher Pro Targets.

Nice Sub-division Park Amenity!

This Cool Little Disc Course is an amenity that's a neighborhood favorite. The Course is designed for players of all skill levels and a complete Round (9-holes) can be played in 30-40 minutes. The locals frequent the park for its Pool and Quaint Park and the course gets played often.

Pinnacle Park Georgetown, TX
Pinnacle Park

Re-Modeled Pinnacle in 2014!

In 2014, we Re-designed some of Pinnacle Park Disc Golf Course for the City of Georgetown's Parks & Recreaction Department. At that time, Pinnacle Park's Course was fitted with our STYLISH [NEW] Par Tee-Signs, and an updated Course Map9.

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