Chain Reaction Disc Golf Sky Dye Info Page

Sky Dye Information Page and FAQS

Thank You for reading our Sky Dye Info & FAQs Page in advance of placing your Sky Dye Order. Please follow all instructions for the best possible results on the Sky Dye System.

For the best quality Sky Dyed Golf Discs...please read this ENTIRE page thoroughly!

What is the Sky Dye System?

The Sky Dye System is a Semi-Automated Golf Disc DYE Process that's Easy and Fun to Use! The system lets you pick a Sky Dye design from our GALLERY, and the Golf Disc from our available INVENTORY of dye-able discs. The SDS does not require you to email or phone in your dyed disc order, if you order from our PRODUCTION SKY DYE DESIGNS.

Please pay EXTRA ATTENTION to these instructions for the best Sky Dye System Experience!

We've set-up the Sky Dye System so you [1st] Pick the Sky Dye Design, and then [2nd] Pick the Disc you want dyed. Please follow these detailed instructions to guarantee you purchase COMPATIBLE Discs and Sky Dyes.


Custom Sky Dyes DO NOT use the same process! All Custom SKY DYES, I.E., WEDDING DISCS, TROPHY DISCS, LOGOS, etc. will require you to email us pictures and pertinent information, before we can start the process. Our 5-Star Day ~ Sky Dyes and Uname It ~ Sky Dyes show examples of Custom Sky Dyes, and thoroughly explain our Special CUSTOM Sky Dye Process.

Sky Dye Info Page Pick Sky Dye


If this is your 1st time on the SKY DYE SYSTEM, or you haven't seen a DYED GOLF DISC're in for a TREAT! We have compiled a GALLERY of hundreds of our Sky Dye Designs for you to shop. Choosing your SKY DYE design is the BEST PART of the process! It's the Thrill of the Hunt, and you never know what you'll TAKE HOME!

How To Hunt Sky Dyes.

Please READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE and then shop our Sky Dye System THEMES for your Sky Dye. Each Theme's Banner has graphics that denote what SKY DYE GENRE is represented on its page. Please click on the Theme Banners and begin your SKY DYE SEARCH.

The SDS currently has 8-THEMES to choose from and more will be added.

Take Your Time!

Don't be impetuous when searching for the perfect Sky Dye! You're going to own this disc for many years, and you should search through all of our SDS themes. There may be a hidden jewel somewhere in there that's got your name on it! You'll know when you've found your PERFECT SKY DYE...You'll Know!

Let the Sky Dye come To You!

Found a Sky Dye! Now What?

When you've found the SKY DYE design that Rocs Your World...ADD IT TO YOUR SHOPPING CART! Then, right-away start searching for the Golf Disc you want us to INK the SKY DYE on. Add the Golf Disc to your shopping cart immediately after the SKY DYE! This is to insure we get the correct Dye and Disc matched-up, especially on orders with more than 1 Sky Dye.

Below is how a single Sky Dye order should look in your shopping cart.
Sky Dye Info Page Shopping Cart

How to add more Sky Dyes to the order!

Please return to the SDS and add your next SKY DYE design to the shopping cart, and again...SEARCH for and add the disc [To the Shopping Cart] promptly afterwards. Repeat this for every SKY DYE you purchase! The Dye Design(s) are always added to the cart 1st, followed directly by the disc that will WEAR that SKY DYE design!

Orders with 2 of the SAME Sky Dye Design.

To purchase a SKY DYE design that you want on multiple discs, please follow these rules. Add the [2]-MATCHING Sky Dyes to your cart, and immediately afterwards, add the [2]-golf discs that will be dyed w/SAME SKY DYE to your cart. Your Cart should look similar to the Example shown below! NOTE! The customer purchased [2] CHAINZ-4-BRAINZ #1 SKY DYES, and following them in the shopping cart order are the [2] YELLOW DISCS to be dyed.

Note: Both discs must be YELLOW, because CHAINZ-4-BRAINZ #1 requires a YELLOW disc.
Sky Dye Info Page Shopping Cart2

There's More To It!

Sky Dye-able Plastic-Types and Correct Disc Colors!

Picking a Golf Disc to put the dye on is also FUN, although there are MORE INSTRUCTIONS you must follow when searching through our disc inventory! Not all PLASTICS are SKY DYE-able, and you also need to pay very close attention to the color of the discs you purchase for the designs. Almost every SKY DYE requires a COLOR-SPECIFIC disc, or it won't look good.

Please page down and Read Part 2: Picking a Disc!
Sky Dye Info Page Pick Golf Disc


NOTE: Not all DISCS are Sky Dye-able!

You must purchase only HIGH-END [PLASTIC] GOLF DISCS for SKY DYES through our store. We only Sky Dye the TOP Quality Plastics from Innova, because they SKY DYE the best!


Star-Line, StarLite, GStar, Champion-Line, Jolly Launcher Champion, Glow Champion, Metal Flake Champion, and Blizzard-Line.

After you've added your Sky Dye design to the Shopping Cart you must add a golf disc that is made from one of the plastic-types listed above. If you DO NOT see the prefix Champion Or Star in the product isn't dye-able.


DX & Pro-Line Plastics DO NOT Sky Dye!

To avoid delays...Please Do Not Include DX-Line or any Pro-Line Plastic Golf Discs to your Sky Dye order. We Do Not Sky Dye these plastic lines and will reject your order.

NOTE: You must pick your [Golf Disc Model & Preferred Weight] from our HIGH-END Golf Discs in stock.

The Exact Disc Color Is A Must!

NOTE: Each Sky Dye Product Page displays the recommended Disc COLOR many times.

Choosing a COMPATIBLE COLORED DISC for your Sky Dye is Very Important! Each Sky Dye design requires a PRECISE colored golf disc to start with! For example; The California, Colorado, Texas, Alaska, Tennessee, and Canadian Flag must be dyed on a WHITE disc or it won't look good! And, the New Mexico's Zia-Sun Flag absolutely has to be on a YELLOW disc to work!

Please choose the exact color disc required from our HIGH-END Golf Disc inventory!

 Custom Sky Dyes are Welcomed!

Please view our Uname-It Theme Page and 5-Star Day Theme Page for Custom Sky Dyes. These pages explain how to start a Custom designed Sky Dye order.

Custom Sky Dye Process is Different!

We've made thousands of custom Sky Dyes and would be happy to make you a 1-of-a-kind CUSTOM Disc! Most Custom dyes will require a 1-time programming fee (usually $5.00-$10.00). Please Contact-Us for prices and instructions on how to order a Custom Sky Dye.

Sky Dye System Orders.

A Method To This Madness!

Sky Dye Orders do have some make your order go by the numbers! To insure we get the Sky Dye Design on the Correct Disc [especially on multiple disc orders], your order must have the Sky Dye added to the Shopping Cart [1st], and then the Golf Disc (to be dyed) immediately afterwards [2nd]. This is how ALL Sky Dye Orders must be performed and added to your cart.

Below is an example of a perfect Sky Dye Order.

Note! The California Flag [Sky Dye] was added to the cart 1st, and the Star-Line Boss [Disc] was added to the cart 2nd. Which means, this dye and disc go together! Also Note! The Star Boss is WHITE, which is the EXACT COLORED DISC the California Sky Dye belongs on. Plus, you can see the [2] Snakes #1 [Sky Dyes] are the next item in line, therefore, the ORANGE Champion-Line Wraith and ORANGE GStar-Line Wraith will be SKY DYED w/Snakes #1...forever!

Add Non Sky Dyed Discs & Gear to order Last!

The example shows an Innova HeroPack Bag added to the order last. Please add NON Sky Dyed Disc items to the bottom of avoid any confusion.

Orders that fail to have Sky Dye and Disc Paired in Cart may be rejected.
Sky Dye Info Page and FAQS
Sky Dye Info Page and FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions & Sky Dye Tips.

Please view the Frequently Asked Questions below before Contacting-Us. We want you to have a Better Sky Dye Shopping Experience [every time] on the Sky Dye System, and welcome your feedback and questions!

Is the SKY DYE System Difficult to use?

RULE #1 in web-site Design is DON'T MAKE IT DIFFICULT! That said...we're Spinning Lots of Pie Tins on the SDS, and it's not a question that we can answer with any certainty. We Hope it's NOT Difficult to use! That said, if you're new to Disc Golf and don't know much about Innova's Golf Discs, Plastic-Types, and Golf Discs in general, it's going to be more DIFFICULT to use the Sky Dye System. Anyone who's been in the Sport and knows Innova's Plastics and LOTS about Innova's 75 different disc molds...should do fine!

Most Common Mistakes Made Using SKY DYE SYSTEM!

1. Didn't Add a Disc [To Be Sky Dyed] to order.

It's like ordering a Pizza (IN REVERSE), and you'll add both a DYE and a DISC to your order. Please add to your Shopping-Cart, the SKY DYE/topping [1ST] & GOLF DISC/crust [2ND].

2. Didn't Add SKY DYE [1ST] and DISC TO BE DYED [2ND] to order correctly.

To avoid confusion...Dyes are always added to the cart 1st, followed directly by the disc that will WEAR that SKY DYE design! Below is how a Sky Dye order should be arranged in your shopping cart.

Sky Dye Info Page Shopping Cart

Please Double Check Your Cart For Accuracy!


Choosing a COMPATIBLE COLORED DISC for your Sky Dye is Very Important! Each Sky Dye design requires a PRECISE colored golf start with! For example; The California, Colorado, Texas, Alaska, Tennessee, and Canadian Flag dsigns must be dyed on a WHITE disc or it won't look good! And, the New Mexico's Zia-Sun Flag absolutely has to be on a YELLOW disc to work!

Note Example Disc Above! CHAINZ 4 BRAINZ #1 requires a YELLOW DISC.

NOTE: Each Sky Dye Product Page displays the recommended Golf Disc COLOR many times. Please purchase recommended disc color from our HIGH-END Golf Disc inventory.

4. Added NON DYE-ABLE PLASTIC TYPE to order.

To avoid delays...Please Do Not Include DX-Line or any Pro-Line Plastic Golf Discs to your Sky Dye order. We Do Not Sky Dye these plastic lines and may reject your order.

NOTE: You must pick your [Golf Disc Model & Preferred Weight] from our HIGH-END Golf Discs in stock.

For Best Results Read the Sky Dye Info Page TWICE!


Innova's High End Plastic-Types work best for our Sky Dyes and that's all we dye. Listed Below are the plastic types you must purchase for your Sky Dyes.

Star-Line, StarLite, GStar, Champion-Line, Jolly Launcher Champion, Glow Champion, Metal Flake Champion, Blizzard-Line.


Innova's DX-LINE and PRO-LINE Plastic-Types DO NOT work for Sky Dyes. Please DO NOT add these plastic types to your Sky Dye order.

DX-Line & Pro-Line Plastics DO NOT Sky Dye!

How do I find the Sky Dye designs?

Please visit our Sky Dye System Page to view our SKY DYE Themes. Currently, we have 8-Themes, and there's quite a few designs to choose from on each page.

Please click the theme Banners to view all Sky Dye Designs in that Genre!

How do I find the Disc?

Please visit our Golf Disc Main Page to view our golf disc classifications. Choose the Disc-Speed from [1-14] you're looking for and you'll see every disc and plastic that's available in that speed. You'll want to use the INNOVA DISCS LINK on the drop-down menu [ABOVE], and please use the SEARCH BAR too!

Note! Each Sky Dye product page shows recommended PLASTIC-TYPES.


GREAT QUESTION! Glow Champion is Great to Sky Dye! Metal Flake Champion is Super for Sky Dyeing! But, we like Bottom Stamped Star-Line Discs the MOST for Sky Dyes!

Note: All Innova's High-End plastics are GREAT for Sky Dyeing!

What is a BOTTOM STAMPED Disc?

The stamp is the graphic that shows the disc model and manufacturer's Logo, and it's Hot-stamped somewhere on every Innova Disc. Mostly, Innova stamps the TOP-SIDE of their discs with this heat activated thin foil material. On a few Star-Line models, the (art-work) is on the Bottom-side, where it doesn't interfere with the SKY DYE design. Thus, we don't need to remove it before dyeing the disc.

Star-Line models w/Bottom Stamps are: Star Boss (BS)Star Destroyer (BS)Star Roc3 (BS), and Star Wraith (BS)

Does CRDG remove the Hot-stamps on SKY DYES?

We remove all TOP-SIDE Stamps from EVERY DISC before the disc is dyed. We do not remove the Bottom-side Stamps.

 Can I send you my disc for Sky Dyeing?

Sorry, we Do Not accept customer's discs for Sky Dyeing. Sometimes things go wrong during the Sky Dye Process and the dye doesn't meet our standards, and thus, we must re-do the Sky Dye! For these circumstances, a new disc is taken from our stock to replace the messed up disc. It happens Very rarely, but we would sure hate to mess up a customer's disc that we couldn't replace!

Can I have my Logo Sky Dyed on a Disc?

You sure can! That's what we specialize in! We have dyed thousands of CUSTOM SKY DYES for our customers and would love to add you to the list of satisfied shoppers.

Visit our Uname-it and 5-Star Day Sky Dye Pages after reading this page.

Will it Look Like the Product Pictures?

YES! The design you choose will be dyed like the picture shown on the product page. Albeit, Some plastic-types will look slightly different, and Sky Dyes on clear plastic (Champion) look slightly different than opaque (Star) plastic. Also, the disc's original color may not be exactly the same color as shown for certain colored discs.

Original Disc Colors Can Vary!

A Sky Dye that requires a Disc that is YELLOW, ORANGE, BLUE, RED, or GREEN, may not be an exact match! We'll try to dye a disc that is a close color match to your SKY DYE.

Are Sky Dyes Permanent?

Yes! The Special Plastic Dyes we use will not come out and will be in the disc for Eternity!

Do Sky Dyed Discs Require SPECIAL CARE?

Yes! To insure the Sky Dye is completely cured, you will need to follow some simple instructions that are included with your order. You can use the disc long as you follow the instructions.

Included: SPECIAL CARE INSTRUCTIONS that MUST-BE followed for 2-weeks!

Are HIGH-END Golf Discs Limited to certain colors?

Sadly YES! Innova DOES NOT allow us to have any WHITE Champion-Line Plastic. That means you can not get certain Sky Dye designs in Champion Plastic. Glow Champion-Line is available in a few Disc Models and works perfectly when a WHITE disc is needed. Also, GStar-Line plastic is NOT PRODUCE IN WHITE! Most other colors are available in all High-End plastics.

What HIGH-END Golf Discs are available in WHITE?

WHITE Plastic is needed for any disc that will be dyed with BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, or PINK Dye. Star-Line is available in WHITE and comes in the most Models. StarLite plastic is produced in WHITE, although it is in limited quantities. Glow Champion-Line is WHITE and is available in a few Disc Models.

 Are Sky Dyed Discs LEGAL for PDGA Competition?

Yes! Your Sky Dye has no MEASURABLE ADDED THICKNESS and is Okay for all PDGA Events!

Does Sky Dyeing add WEIGHT to the golf disc?

Yes! The Sky Dye will ADD SOME WEIGHT to your disc...but, NOT MUCH! Maybe a gram or two!

 Are there DISCOUNTS for large Sky Dye Orders?

SORRY NO! Sky Dyes are very time consuming and require lots of DYE and materials to make. A Cart % Discount may apply, although, we do not have Extra Discounts for large Sky Dye Orders.

Why are they So Expensive!

Because we create Premium Dyed Discs, and Lots of TIME goes into every SKY DYE! Our SKY DYES are Deep and Bold, and looks awesome! Plus, we use expensive dyes and materials to mask the discs for dyeing.

Why So Many Rules?

Our SKY DYES are made using an involved process that requires some rules to be followed. Orders with MISTAKES or INCOMPLETE information will delay the start of a Sky Dye, or result in your order being declined! Thus, to avoid mistakes...we have SKY DYE ORDERING RULES on almost every page!

 Why Can't I get a YELLOW disc dyed WHITE?

There is no way to BLEACH or DYE a disc white. If the SKY DYE you choose requires a WHITE must be dyed on white plastic!

How do I know what plastic is dye-able?

On every Golf Disc Product Page it will say the plastic type before the Disc Model, and also in the product's description. SKY DYE-able plastic-types are: Star, StarLite, GStar, Champion, Blizzard, Glow-Champion, or Metal Flake.

How do I know what plastics are not dye-able?

Plastic type is noted before the Disc Model on all Disc product pages. It is Not SKY DYE-able if the disc is made from DX or Pro-Line plastic. If the product page says DX or DX-Line plastic, Pro or Pro-Line plastic in its name or's not SKY DYE-able.

 Do you wrap the bottom of the disc?

Yes! Every Golf Disc's Back-Side is masked so no dye can drip down and make a mess on the bottom lip.

Can I have the bottom of the disc Sky Dyed?

Yes! We can dye the Back-Side instead of the front-side for no extra charge. Please Contact-Us for more information.

Is Black Plastic SKY DYE-able?

NOPE! There's is No Way to Dye a Black Disc!

Do you sell the DYE?

NO! The type of dye we use requires 3 parts to be precisely mixed, and it's complicated stuff!

Do you give SKY DYE LESSONS?

NOPE! The type of SKY DYE TECHNIQUE we use is very complicated, time-consuming, and expensive!

 Will you remove the Hot-Stamp before dyeing the disc?

Yes! We always remove the [TOP-SIDE] factory hot-stamp before the Sky Dye is added!

Where are the OLD SKY DYES from your original website?

Some will be shown on the SDS, but MOST will not! Some of the old Sky Dyes have been discontinued! Sorry!

I can't find the disc I want SKY DYE!

Contact-Us and we'll order you the exact disc, weight, and color you need for your perfect Sky Dye!

Is the DYE SAFE?

YES! The plastics dyes we use contain NO Acetone and No Alcohol, and is made from 100% natural ingredients!

Does Chain Reaction have any SKY DYES pre-made!

Chain Reaction Disc Golf Ebay Page

Yes! We have a few SKY DYES ready to go at all times on our EBAY STORE! Please Click Banner-Link to view our Ebay Store.

Why do SKY DYES take so long to make?

 We soak the disc in dye for days to get the dye deep in the plastic. And, that's why our SKY DYES have the deepest. richest colored dyes on the planet!

Please Contact-Us if you have a question about our Sky Dyes.

Click for Sky Dye System Main Page.