Innova Invented the Golf Disc!

Innova manufactures over 75 Disc Models.

Innova Discs released their 1st Golf Disc [Original Eagle/Aero] in 1983, and has been instrumental in the sports huge success! Innova has the most models & plastic-lines and makes a disc for every type of disc golf shot. Innova's Discs are molded from 4 main plastic-types, which have more sub-classes of Specialized Plastic Blends. CRDG stocks most models and you pick your Weight, Color, and Innova Plastic-Lines. (New players check out our Innova Plastic-Lines Page).

4 Flight characteristics.

Innova discs have 4 different flight characteristics that are set to numerical scales; i.e. Speed (1 to 14), Glide (1 to 6), Turn (-5 to +1), & Fade (0 to 5). These classifications are used to measure the degree of each Flight Characteristic and can be a big help in deciding what disc to buy. We've grouped disc-types below by INNOVA DISC SPEEDS (1-14) just works best this way!

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This page explains how Innova Discs are divided into 14-Speeds, and it's also how some people like to BAG their discs...from Slowest to Fastest. It works better than dividing them by Glide, Turn, and Fade.

For a Better Disc Golf Shopping Experience!

Read this page! The information contained on this page will help you find a disc that's best for your level and style of play. For more information about Innova's disc flight characteristics, we recommend you also read our guide: A Better Disc Golf Experience.

Putt/Approach (1-2 Speed)

Very Important Disc!

The Putt & Approach (1-2 Speed Disc) is the most important disc in your bag and Innova makes the best putters on the planet. The Innova Aviar has won more Pro World Championships than any PUTTER and is our Favorite.

We Carry Many!

CRDG carries most Innova Putt & Approach discs, and in many weights, colors, and plastic-types. Click here for Plastic-type information.

Innova P/A Line Includes:

We carry these (1 & 2-Speed) Discs stocked: Aviar (all models), Birdie, Nova, Whale, and Rhyno.

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Putt and Approach (3-Speed)

A Little Bit Faster Now...!

Innova's (3 & 3.5-Speed) P/A Discs will get you PARKED on the GOT-TO-GET Birdie Holes. The 3-Speed P/A Discs will also get you some Aces on the short holes.


Get an Under-stable P/A Disc (High Turn, & Low Fade)...I.E.; the Wedge, Colt, Aero, Mirage, or Dart...and Practice straight and turn-over Shots!

3-Speeders in Stock!

Innova's (3-Speed) Discs are available in many colors, weights, and Innova Plastic Types. We carry and recommend ALL Innova (3-Speed) Putt & Approach: Pig, Colt, Stud, Mirage, Dart, Hydra, Aero, XD, and Wedge.

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Midrange (4-Speed)

Mid-range are Birdie/Ace Masters!

The 4-Speed Mid-range Driver will set-up more Birdie Putts than any disc in your bag! It will also get you some Aces on the short holes.That's why it's important to Master the Mid-range Game!

We Sky Dye High-End Plastics!.

Want your mid-range SKY DYED? Click here for information on ordering our Sky Dyes.

We carry and recommend:

We got 'em and recommend these Innova Mid-range: Rocs (DX Roc, K.C. Pro, R-Pro Roc, Rancho-Roc, & VRoc), King Cobra, Mako, Shark, and Stingray.

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Midrange (5-Speed)

Best Mid-ranges On-The-Planet!

Innova (5-Speed) Mid-range Drivers compliment your Approach Discs and Long Drivers in various shot-situations. The 5-Speed MID-RANGE is a good choice when the P/A may come up short, and the driver may skip and go long.

Chain Reaction Tip:

We highly recommend that you learn to throw, and Master Innova's Champion Roc3! It's the best Semi-Stable, Mid-range Driver on Earth!

We Stock and Recommend:

We stock these Innova Mid-range (5-Speed) Drivers: Roc3, Shark3, Gator, Spider, Mako3, VCobra, Wombat, Atlas, Cro, Panther, Kite, & Skeeter.

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Fairway Drivers (6, 7, & 8-Speed)

Fairway Drivers are Under-rated!

Speeds 6, 7, & 8 are known as FAIRWAY DRIVERS. The Under-rated FD is the disc you need BETWEEN your mid-range disc & distance drivers. It's like an extra long-distance mid-range, and isn't as Squirrely as a long-driver.

Chain Reaction Tip:

We highly recommend that you learn to throw, and Master Innova's Star TeeBird or Champion TeeBird! TeeBirds will keep you in the FAIRWAY and cut strokes off your score.

We Stock and Recommend:

We carry these Innova Fairway Drivers: Banshee, Leopard, Teebird & Teebird3, Eagle, TL & TL3, Dragons, and Archangels.

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Distance Drivers (9-Speed)

It's All Relative!

Your 1st fast driver is going to be tricky to throw accurately, because it has more speed and distance! We recommend a 9-Speed Valkyrie, Roadrunner, or Sidewinder. They'll cut strokes, and you'll still be throwing them when you Go-Pro!

Chain Reaction Has a Variety:

We carry ALL of Innova's 9-speed distance drivers and they're available in a bunch of colors and weights, and in all Innova plastic-lines.

We Stock and Recommend:

CRDG stocks these Innova (9-Speed) Drivers: Leopard3, Thunderbird, Firebird, Viking, Valkyrie, Roadrunner, and Sidewinder.

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Distance Drivers (10-Speed)

A Little Bit faster NOW!

Innova's 10-Speed Distance Drivers are Fast, Long, & Accurate. The 10-Speed golf disc will give you plenty of distance and more accuracy than the Faster [11-14 Speed] discs. It will make you a better disc golfer and you'll still be throwing it when you Go-Pro!

Stocked UP!

We stock these Innova 10-Speed drivers: Beast, Starfire, Orc, and Monster in many colors, weights, and plastic-lines. The MONSTER is OOP [Out of Production] and we a BUNCH in stock!

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Distance Drivers (11-Speed)

Perfect 10 Speed!

Innova's (11-Speed) Discs are available in many disc-models that are fast and fly very far. The Champion Wraith is a Phenomenal Golf Disc and it's available in most of Innova's Plastic Types. We Highly recommend you throw a Wraith!

We Carry All 10-Speeders!

We stock [All] 11-Speed Drivers from Innova; Wraith, Mamba, Archon, Krait, and TeeRex. Teerex is OOP and will become HARD-2-FIND! We have them in stock.

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Distance Drivers (12-Speed)

Innova 12 Speed Drivers are World Renowned!

The Incredible Innova Destroyer is a Favorite of Many Touring Professionals. It's been a CRDG Favorite since it was released and we Highly recommend you buy a Destroyer!

Deadly Dozen Speeders!

Innova's 12-Speed Distance Drivers are available in these Disc Molds: Destroyer, Xcaliber, Teedevil, Tern, and Wahoo.

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Distance Drivers (13 & 14-Speed)

World Record Distance Holder!

The Pro-line Boss is the current World Distance Record Holding Golf Disc @ 1108 feet thrown by David Wiggins Jr. in 2016.

Innova 13 & 14-Speed Long-Bombers!

The Phenomenal Boss has been our biggest selling driver for the past 8-years and we Highly recommend you buy a Boss and all 13-speed Innova Drivers.

Innova 13 & 14-Speed Line-Up:

We carry Innova's NEW [14-Speed] GStar Colossus and all Innova (13-Speed) Distance Drivers: Ape, Boss, Dominator, Katana, Vulcun, Shryke, & Daedalus

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Colossus is Innova’s First 14-Speed Driver!

The Colossus was released 1.18.2016 with Huge Expectations, because it's Innova's 1st [14-Speed driver]. The pressure was on to Eclipse the 14-Speed barrier and Innova did it right!

Click for Innova GStar Colossus.