Innova DX Beast


$7.99 ~ The Innova DX-Line Beast will fly straight and far new, and will slowly Factor into a flippy, turn-over driver. This is GOOD and will enable you to get the disc to be throw for DRAW-SHOTS and Rollers. CRDG Highly recommends the DX Beast for newer disc golfers!

Champion Beast


$15.99 ~ The Innova Champion-Line Beast will fly far and fairly straight. It's more friendly than the big-edged, big-lipped 11, 12, 13, and 14 speed drivers, and is recommend for newer disc golfers in lighter weights. The Champion Beast is a straight flying disc with extra distance.

Used by Team Innova's Barry Schultz...4 Time Professional World Champion (2-Open & 2 Masters)

Blizzard Beast


$15.99 ~ Innova Blizzard Beast is a Beauty! If you're needing a Beast in very light weights and in High-End's your Beast! The Innova Blizzard Beast will launch out of your hand and glide like a bird. Blizzard Plastic feels and looks great, will last you for years, and factors out slowly over time. When thrown HARD...the Innova Blizzard Beast will flip-up, flatten-out, and glide for extra distance.

Star Beast


$15.99 ~ Innova Star-Line Beast is made from extremely durable Star-Line Plastic that will last forever and never crack or wear out. The Star-Line Beast will fly down-wind Perfectly, but isn't recommended into a heavy head-wind. The Star-Line Beast has lots of speed and glide and beginners should start with a lower-weight Beast and learn to throw it high, flat, & smooth across your chest with power.

GStar Beast


$15.99 ~ The GStar-Line Beast is another CRDG FAVORITE.

The Amazing Innova Beast is also produced in Innova's Grab-happy GStar-Line plastic and it's CRDG's favorite Beast. We highly recommend the GStar-Line Beast for experienced players who can throw BOOMING turn-over S-Shots! It's also a great disc for less experienced players and is an easy disc to stretch long controlled straight shots.

Star Starfire


$15.99 ~ The Innova Star-line Starfire is a long distance driver with lots of glide (stays aloft) and low fade (predictable finish). The Innova Star-Line Starfire is sure to increase distance for beginners and pros and is a driver with amazing glide, a good bit of fade, and great control.

Champion Monster


$15.99 ~ The Legendary Innova Champion Monster is a very over-stable, wind-beating, distance driver designed for pro level players with above average power. The Monster is made from beautiful Champion-Line plastic that's perfect for one of CRDG's Legendary Sky Dyes.

Star Monster


$15.99 ~ Star Monster is fast & stable and a CRDG favorite. The Star-Line Monster is made from Star-Line Plastic that's stunning and perfect for one of our SKY DYES. A new Star Monster has lots of Fade and will fight to Hyzer into the ground, which makes it easier to skip it off the ground. CRDG recommends the Monster for side-arm shots and low-line skip shots.

Star Orc


$15.99 ~ The Legendary Innova Star-line Orc. The Star-Line Orc has been around for 15 years and is still going strong! The Star Orc is a great distance driver with amazing glide and dependable fade. The Orc can be blasted into a slight head-wind and will penetrate a wind for excellent distance.

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