A Perfect Plastic for every Disc Golfer!

Innova Champion Discs has 4 Main Plastic-Types, i.e., DX-Line, Pro-Line, Champion-line, and Star-line. These Innova Plastic Lines are also produced in specialized Sub-blends that can make the disc Lighter or Heavier, Smoother or Grippier, Softer or Harder, and even Prettier!

The Main Plastic Categories Are:

Innova Champion-Line and Star-Line plastic-types are very durable and cost more. While, Entry-Level priced DX-Line and Mid-Level priced Pro-Line plastics will Break-In quickly and are great for Magic-Shots!

Why So Many Plastic-types?

Plastic preferences vary for each person and Multiple Plastic-Types are needed for a customized feel and flight. Some people like Soft Plastic for Putting, while others prefer Putters made from Firm or Hard Plastic. This is the same with mid-range and drivers. Some players like Star-Line for Stable (head-wind) drivers, and G-Star for the Under-Stable (down-wind) throws.

What Works Best For You?

Experienced players typically have golf discs in many PLASTIC-TYPES, and in many conditions...from New to Ancient in their bag. CRDG Tip: A newer (stable) Star-Line Boss can be trusted into a Big Head-Wind!

For more on Innova's Plastic this Entire Page!

After you read this page, please check out Innova's [Dave's Spin: The Plastics] Video. A link is at the bottom of this page.

Innova DX-Line Plastic


Innova's DX-Line Plastic is their lowest priced Golf Disc Line and is available in the most disc models and weights. DX plastic feels great and is grippy and firm. DX plastic Factors-Out (breaks-in) fast and isn't as durable as Innova's Pro Line, Blizzard, Champion Line, Star Line, & G-Star plastics.


Highly Factored discs are good to have in your bag for shots that ABSOLUTELY need to Turn-Over and/or Not Fade-Out. Your Beat-Up DX Golf Disc can do things that go against Physics! You need A Factored DX-Line driver for those Magic-Shots!


DX plastic is affordable and for someone that doesn't want to spend much to get started in Disc Golf. DX Plastic provides an excellent grip in a variety of weather situations. DX plastic wears with usage and will [Factor-Out] and eventually take on new flight characteristics (usually more glide and turn).


Innova's [Dragon DX-Line plastic] has an amazing feel (grippy Pro-Line like) and Dragon DX-line plastic FLOATS. The worst thing is throwing a disc in a dirty creek or pond. You have to take your shoes and socks off and climb in Murky Brew...Uff-Da! Forget That! The DX Dragon WON'T SINK and is the disc to throw around water. This Specialty DX plastic is available in lighter weights (150 grams) and only available in the Innova DX-Line Dragon.

Innova Pro-Line Plastic


Innova Pro-Line plastic is available in a variety of formulas from [Grippy-Soft-Rubbery] R-Pro Plastic to [Smooth-Firm-Hard] KC Pro Plastic. Innova Pro-Line is more durable than DX and Factors-Out (Breaks-in) slowly. As Pro-Line wears it becomes less stable and glides like the wind. Beat-up Pro-Line drivers flip easily and are good roller discs.


Grippy Pro Line is produced using a special blend of plastic that provides better traction than Champion-Line plastic. Pro Line Discs provide more glide and are more affordable than [high-end] Champion-Line or Star-Line discs. Regardless of the firmness of the disc, all Pro models offer an unique grip.

Innova Pro-Line Plastic


KC Pro-Line Plastic is named after Team Innova's Ken Climo (12X Pro World Champion). The KC Pro Aviar and KC Pro Roc are molded from FIRM Pro-Line plastic that Factors very slowly. A KC Pro Aviar or KC Pro Roc will start out Hard & Stable and will handle the wind excellently. After Thousands of throws it will Factor into your Best Go-To straight flying Ace-Disc. This is what the World-Class Pros Use!


JK Pro-Line Plastic is endorsed & always thrown-by Team Innova's Juliana Korver (5 time World Champion). JK Pro plastic is a soft, flexible, and grippy blend of Pro material (similar to R-Pro) that is used for the JK Aviar-X Putter. JK Pro-Line plastic will Factor-Out slower than DX-Line plastic and is more durable. JK Pro performs well in the rain.


Yeti Pro-Line Plastic is right in the middle of KC Pro and JK Pro, offering a Firm, Slightly Flexible material that is very Grippy. The Innova Yeti Pro-Line Aviar Putter is endorsed and recommended by Team Innova's Jay "Yeti" Reading [5 time Putting World Champion] .Yeti Pro plastic is similar to XT Pro-Line plastic.

Innova RPro-Line Plastic


Innova's R-Pro Line Plastic is produced in a variety of formulas. R-Pro discs have the best all-condition grip and an improved feel. The R-Pro Aviar P/A and R-Pro Rhyno are made from a softer R-Pro Plastic blend that's excellent for Putters. While, the R-Pro Hydra and R-Pro Wahoo are made from firm R-Pro plastic that works best for drivers.


Aviar P/A and Rhyno type R-Pro plastic has great flexibility which makes it the best choice for putt & approach shots in cold and wet weather. Innova's soft R-Pro (rubber-type plastic) absorbs impacts, and sticks to the target's chains better than hard plastics. Durable R-Pro also sticks the landing and doesn't slide and skip as much. CRDG recommends the R-Pro Aviar for putting and short drives.

R-Pro Plastic that Floats!

Throwing a disc in a dirty creek or pond is Terrible and Stressful. You have to take your shoes & socks off and climb in Grimy Muck...GRRR! It slows your play and MESSES with your game, but it doesn't have to be that way!

R-Pro plastic [Hydra Edition].

This Pro Plastic has an amazing feel (semi-soft and grippy) and Hydra's R-Pro plastic Stays AFLOAT. The Innova R-Pro Hydra WON'T SINK and is the Putter to throw around DEEP H2O. This Specialty R-Pro plastic is available in weights from 173-175 grams and is available in the Innova R-Pro Line Hydra.

R-Pro plastic [Wahoo Edition].

Wahoo R-Pro plastic feels Firm and Grabby and the Wahoo's R-Pro plastic FLOATS. The Innova R-Pro Wahoo WON'T SINK and, is the disc to throw around DEEP H2O. This Specialty R-Pro plastic is available from 168-172 grams and only available in the Innova R-Pro Line Wahoo.

Innova XT Pro-Line Plastic


Innova's XT-Pro Line is a firm, yet very grippy plastic blend. XT Pro discs have more durability than R-Pro and will Factor-Out slowly. Innova's XT-Pro (firm rubber-type plastic) sticks to the target's chains better than firm-slick plastics. XT-Pro doesn't slide and skip, and will stay close to the target. Innova's XT Pro plastic is available in the XT Pro Colt, XT Pro StudXT Pro Whale, and XT Nova.

Innova Champion-Line Plastic


Innova's Champion-Line Plastic is the Standard by which all Golf Disc PLASTICS are measured. Champion discs are beautiful and distinguished by a clear & semi-clear, or pearlescent plastic. Innova's Champion Line is very durable and takes years to Factor-Out. It's not uncommon to see someone who has a couple 10 year old Champion Line discs in their bag.


Champion Line is produced with a hi-tech plastic that provides outstanding performance and durability. Champion-Line discs retain their original flight characteristics for extended periods of time. Champion Line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage better than any other plastic. Champion-Line discs are usually more stable than the same model in Pro, R-Pro, or DX.


Innova Champion Discs molds their Jolly Launcher Champion-Line Plastic into the Roc3, VRoc, Tern, Daedalus, ColossusMako3, Thunderbird, and various golf discs. It's an excellent plastic that has incredible grip and is super durable. It's also one of the best looking plastic-types Innova produces. It is nicknamed: Jolly-Launcher, because it looks like Jolly Rancher Candy.


Innova's Metal Flake Champion-Line Plastic is available in the Roc3, VrocTeebird, Destroyer, Wraith, Katana, & Gator. Innova blends Champion-Line plastic and Silver Metal-Flakes to produce this Gorgeous Plastic. MF Champion-Line is super-durable and feels excellent!


The Innova Metal Flake Champion Disc-Line was growing like a WEED after its original release, but is now being scaled back. These Beautiful MF-Champion Golf Discs may not be around forever. Get some while they're in stock!

Innova Blizzard Champion-Line Plastic


Blizzard-Line Plastic technology incorporates thousands of Microbubbles into Innova's durable Champion-Line plastic. This results in high speed plastic drivers in weights down to 130 grams! Blizzard discs fly with almost the same stability as the equivalent model 20 grams heavier.


Blizzard Champion Line has been adding distance for both pros and amateurs, and for quite a while the Blizzard Champion Boss held the Distance World Record at 863.5 Simon Lizotte.


Innova's Blizzard plastic Discs are STUNNING, and have clear or semi-clear flight-plates. The Outer-Rim is usually pearly & marbled looking with a Striking Inner-Ring.

Innova Glow Champion-Line Plastic


We carry all Innova Glow Champion Golf Discs that are available. Glow-Champion plastic feels and performs's just like regular Innova Champion Plastic. Glow Champion Plastic is excellent for Night Golf! Shine a light on the disc and it will glow in the dark [for a while] after you throw it. A camera flash works very good to make it glow!


Glow Champion is only available in these disc models: WraithArchon, Katana, Mako, Roadrunner, & Valkyrie. All Glow Champion-line Discs are dye-able and make great Sky Dyes.

Innova Star-Line Plastic


Innova's Star-Line is created with a special blend of grippy, resilient polymers that feel Firm & Grippy. Star Plastic offers the same outstanding durability of Innova's Champion Plastic, plus improved grip like Pro Plastic. Star discs have the same flight rating characteristics of Champion discs, although some Star Lite discs may be slightly more high-speed stable.


Stability, high performance, longevity, and superior grip, make Innova Star Line discs the ideal choice for your game. Star-Line plastic is always opaque and makes a great plastic for our Sky Dyes.


StarLite plastic incorporates Blizzard technology into Innova's popular Star plastic. This results in high speed, premium plastic drivers in weights all the way down to 130 grams. StarLite plastic is opaque and makes a great plastic for our Sky Dyes.

Innova GStar-Line Plastic


G-Star Plastic is Innova's newest plastic type. It's the grippiest plastic Innova produces discs from and is fairly durable. CRDG highly recommends you try G-Star Line Plastic discs...especially in cooler weather! The plastic is incredibly grippy and the additional grip helps with snap and accuracy, and the additional spin helps increase your distance.


With great flexibility, comes great response! G-Star is a blend of Star that adds flexibility and even more grip. GStar is opaque like Star, but features a pearlescent sheen that looks beautiful. Their allure is only surpassed by their beautiful flight. G-Star discs have a smooth, gradual transition in flight and WE RECOMMEND FOR COLD WEATHER ROUNDS.

More About Innova's Disc Plastics.

Please check out Innova's [DAVE'S SPIN: The Plastics Video] for more on Innova Plastic Lines. Innova's founder Dave Dunipace gives an extensive look at all Innova plastics and gives many tips and recommednations. Click to view Dave's Spin: The Plastics.

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