A Disc Golf Bag for Everyone!

We carry all [7] Innova Disc Bags and in most colors! Innova Disc Bags are designed for Disc Golf and are made to stand-up to a BEATING! All Innova Bags have 1 or 2 water bottle holders, plenty of zippered storage areas, and plenty of room for all your golf discs.

Straps & Stools!

Innova's BackSaver Strap and Innova's Park & Fly Stool are available alone or in Package Deals [shown below]. We have them ready to ship now!

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Shipping is FREE on discs, bags, targets, & clothing on orders of $29.00 and up. Orders UNDER $29.00 always ship for a $3.99 Flat-rate.

Innova HeroPacks

Innova's Super HeroPack and HeroPack Disc Golf Bags are the best Back-Pack Bags for the money--anywhere. Chain Reaction Disc Golf uses and highly recommends the Super HeroPack & HeroPack. These large bags are made with durable, WATER-RESISTANT, Nylon Denier. Reinforced stitching is present around: strap connectors, water bottle holders, zippers, pockets and everywhere!

HeroPacks have More!

Super|HeroPack hold around 25-discs and feature Beefy Multi-Adjustable Shoulder Straps. An Innova-tive U-Channel Frame holds the discs in place and the SuperHero & HeroPack weigh around 4 pounds. The frame removes for cleaning and gives easy access to your discs. We carry the Super HeroPack|HeroPack in all available colors.

Innova DISCarrier

$74.99 w/FAST FREE Shipping

Innova's DISCarrier is the best large [Single-Strap] Disc Golf Bag for the money! CRDG uses and highly recommends the DISCarrier Bag. This large bag is made with extremely durable 100% Nylon 1260 Denier and double & reinforced stitching is present around strap connectors, water bottle holders, zippers, and pockets.

Carry On!

DISCarriers hold around 20-discs and feature the Innova-tive U-Channel Frame that holds the discs in place and keeps the bag light and gives easy access to your discs. The DISCarrier has Hook-ups for Innova's Backsaver Straps.

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Competition Bag

$59.99 w/FREE Shipping

The Competition Bag holds 20-discs and is the made with extremely durable 100% Nylon 1260 Denier. The Competition Bag has reinforced stitching around its strap connectors, water bottle holders, zippers, and pockets and will last forever. The Bag has reinforced Brass-Grommet Hook-ups for Innova Backsaver Straps.

The Skinny!

The Innova Competition Disc Golf Bag features an Innova-tive U-Channel Frame that holds the golf discs in place and also keeps the Comp Bag very light-weight. The UC frame gives easy access and removes easily for cleaning.

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DeLuxe Bag

$45.99 w/FREE Shipping

The Innova Deluxe Bag is an excellent choice for all players. The Deluxe Bag is a durable, spacious bag with room for around 15-20 discs plus accessories. The Deluxe Bag has a front putter pocket plus a zippered side pocket to hold additional equipment. The DeLuxe bag holds a quart-size [Gatorade] bottle securely.

Expandable Design!

The Deluxe Bag has built-in reinforced Hook-ups w[Brass Grommets] for Innova's Backsaver Quad Strap System. The Backsaver distributes the bag's weight evenly over both shoulders.

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Standard Bag

$27.99 w/$3.99 Shipping!

The Innova Standard Bag is a Chain Reaction Disc Golf Favorite & our Top-Selling small bag. We highly recommend the Standard for anyone who wants to carry fewer discs. This bag is indestructible and lasts forever. The Standard features Brass-Grommet [Hook-Ups] for the optional Innova Backsaver Strap System.

The Gold Standard!

The Standard holds 12 discs and includes a quick access front putter pocket, and a zippered rear compartment. You can also carry a 32 OZ. Gatorade bottle in the cinching bottle holder.

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Starter Bag

$13.99 w/$3.99 Shipping

The Innova Starter Bag is an affordable choice for beginners and for players who don't carry a wide variety of discs. The Starter Bag is lightweight and designed to hold 8 to 12 golf discs, and is an ideal choice for youth players due to it's compact and lightweight design. The compact size makes the Starter Bag a great travel bag, or an alternate bag for rugged courses.

Starter Bag colors:

Blue w/Grey Trim, Red w/Grey Trim, and Digital Camouflage w/Black Trim.

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Many Choices!

We have Packages that include the bag, straps, and stool...and, you get to choose from the DISCarrier Package (includes DISCarrier Bag), or our Competition Package (includes Competition Bag), or Deluxe Package (includes Deluxe Bag) in your choice of many available colors. Scroll down to view the our Bag|Strap|Stool Packages.

DISCarrier Package

$129.99 w/FREE Shipping

Innova DISCarrier Package includes a DISCarrier Bag and, Innova's BackSaver Straps, and Innova Park & Fly Stool. The package is our BEST and we highly recommend all 3 items in the package.

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Competition Package

$109.99 w/FREE Shipping

Innova Competition Package includes a Competition Bag, Innova's BackSaver Straps, and Innova Park & Fly Stool. The Competition Package is for somebody who likes a very light-weight bag.

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Deluxe Package

$99.99 w/FREE Shipping

Innova Deluxe Package includes a Deluxe Bag, Innova's BackSaver Straps, and Innova Park & Fly Stool. The Deluxe Package is the Lightest-weight and lowest priced Package.

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Strap-Stool Package

$59.99 w/FREE Shipping

Innova Stool-Strap Package includes Innova's BackSaver Straps, and Innova's Park & Fly Stool. The Strap-Stool PACKAGE is for someone who has a Bag and only needs the Innova Strap and Stool.

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Backsaver Straps

$24.99 w/$3.99 Shipping

Innova BackSaver Quad Straps distribute the weight of your bag evenly over both shoulders for the Long-Hauls you’ll be making as a Disc Golfer. The BackSaver can also be used as a Single Strap for convenience when necessary.

Fast Installation!

Backsavers use durable clasps that are simple to install. The Clasps don't make any sounds [i.e., carabiners] and never fall off.

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Park-Fly Sit

$32.99 w/FREE Shipping

The Innova Park & Fly Stool is what you need for the SLOW rounds when the course is busy! This seat weighs a scant 1.6 lbs. and can hold a whopping 250 lbs. It folds down to easily be slipped into your bag.

Proto-Star Design!

The Innova Park & Fly has Innova's historic Proto-Star Logo EMBOSSED in the BLU or BLACK fabric, and features a strap for attaching it to your bag. NICE!

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Innova HeroPack

$84.99 w/FREE Shipping!

FREE with all HeroPack Bags: The HEADER for HeroPack!

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