Innova's Top-of-the-line DISCatcher Pro-28.

The DISCatcher Pro 28 is the most recognized Target on any course on the Planet. Innova's signature YELLOW Upper Chain Rack Band is beautiful, easy to see, and doubles as a Number Plate. The DISCatcher Pro 28 has 14 chain-strands on the outer band, and 14 chain-strands staggered on the inner ring. 28 total galvanized chain strands make it the best catching target on the market.

Large Orders Welcomed!

We carry all Innova DISCatcher Targets and we can get you unlimited DISCatcher Pro 28 Targets for your new Disc Golf Course.

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Innova's Top-of-the-line PORTABLE.

At 40 pounds, the DISCatcher Sport Target is easily portable, and can be relocated with minimum effort. Set it up at home for putting practice or a game of HORSE with a friend. Or, bring it to picnics and camping trips to play disc golf just about anywhere! It will really improve your short game, and as the Innova Team says, that is where the game is won or lost!

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Skill Shot Disc Golf Target.

The revolutionary INNOVA SkillShot portable disc golf target is great to hone your putting SKILLS on. Skillshot has 0/2 chains (same size as full-sized targets) and catches just like the full-sized permanent/portable baskets. The frame is made of metal and is very durable, and decked-out in bright colored canvas covers.

Most Portable Target!

The SKILLSHOT assembles easily and comes with a carrying case. Best thing about the Skill Shot is its ease of transport...it breaks down to a small size and weighs much less than full-size portable baskets.

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Weighs a Dozen Pounds!

At just 12 pounds, the Innova DISCatcher Traveler is the lightest portable target available from INNOVA. The chain assembly is surrounded with a unique net that provides additional catching power by preventing blow-through putts. The extra wide basket tray is made of a lightweight yet durable, quick-drying mesh fabric. Basket tray features elastic band on bottom for easier disc retrieval by children or disabled players.


Available in three eye-catching colors: Yellow, Red, Blue (Subject to availability).

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Just Add Mini Discs!

The Innova DISCatcher Mini Target is great for mini disc golf and makes a great trophy. This is a scaled down version of Innova's DISCatcher Sport target. It sets up in a few snaps and requires no tools. Five parts collapse down and stack together nicely for travel or shipping. Includes a carry box for EASY transport. Brings added fun to any trip, just add minis!

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Futuristic Chain Design!

The Disc Mania Lite Target features an INNOVA-tive Chain Rack with 12 VERTICAL hanging chain strands that are inter-connected by HORIZONTAL chain strands. The Disc Mania Lite is the FUTURE of target chain design...it uses less chain, and creates more catch!

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