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We stock all Legacy Disc Bags and Legacy Quad-Straps, and we LOVE them! Legacy Disc Golf Bags are manufactured with Top-Quality Fabrics and are well thought out. The Legacy Rebel is stunning and considered one of the best disc bags made...EVER!

We Specialize in Legacy Bags!

Legacy has 3 sizes of Golf Bags, yet their small line-up is well planned out and covers most player's needs. If you're a newbie...the Protege Bag is for you and will get you started for less $! More advanced players [who carry many discs] will be impressed with the Alliance Bag and Rebel Bag.

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$199.99 w/FREE Shipping!

The NEW Rebel Bag is manufactured by Upper Park Designs for Legacy and is Legacy's FINEST BAG. The RebelBack has gone through many revisions, and has evolved into one of the BEST BAGS on the market.

Sturdy NO-SAG Design!

The Legacy Rebel features an ANTI-SAG inner Support-Frame that consists of a rigid back panel and sag-proof solid side panels. The Rebel is as stable as they get and won't fall in on itself...like lots of back-back bags do!

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$74.99 w/FREE Shipping!

The Legacy Alliance Bag is recommended for disc golfers that carry lots of discs and stuff. The Alliance is well made and reinforced in all the high-stress areas, so you won't need another bag for many years.

Play With Confidence!

The Alliance Bag holds 20 discs, has 2 large water bottle holders, and pockets GALORE! The Alliance features a quick access front putter pocket, many zippered compartments, and a BIG Legacy Logo embroidered on front.

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$23.99 with $4.00 Flat-rate Shipping!

The Legacy Protege Bag is recommend for those who want a durable and lightweight Bag, and anyone that doesn't carry many discs. The Protege is reinforced in all the stress areas, and will bring you years of use.

Go Protege!

The Protege Bag holds around 8-10 discs and includes a large bottle holder [32 OZ. Gatorade] in the cinching pouch. The Protege features a front putter pocket, zippered front/back pockets, and a small Velcro side pouch.

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$24.99 w/$4.00 Shipping.

If you have a single strap bag that's a pain in the shoulder, you need a Legacy Quad-Strap! The Quad-Strap quickly attaches to the Alliance BagInnova DISCarrier Bag, and Competition Bags.

Your Shoulder Will Thank You!

The Quad-Strap is easy on your body (no pulling or biting), and makes it easier to traverse the course with the bag's weight distributed on BOTH shoulders.

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Mirror ~ Mirror!

All Golf Disc Bags are Beautiful in their own way, but the Fairest BAG of them all [BY FAR] is the Legacy Rebel-Back Bag.

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