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Go Big and Go Home Victorious!

Legacy Distance Drivers Go Big, so you can Go Home Victorious! Legacy started their business by unleashing the 14-Speed [1st Run] Pinnacle Rampage in 2011, and soon after added the 14-Speed [1st-Run] Icon Cannon. Some Disc manufactures don't even have 1-disc that has eclipsed the bench-mark.

Fast and Stable!

Legacy's Rampage is a freakishly fast and stable 14-Speed disc...making it best suited for experienced players and those with faster arm speeds. This Semi-Stable Super Disc slices through a head-wind; making you look like a Super-Hero! This is what the Legacy Team Pros Throw!

Fast and Flippy!

Call the BURN UNIT, 'cause your competition will be Cannon Fodder after you've Mastered the Cannon! The Legacy Cannon is well suited for players of all levels! Pros will dig its high-speed Turn for booming draw-shots and over-all amazing distance! And, if you're new to the sport...you should make this your [1st] 14-Speeder! It will take time/practice to Master the Cannon, but you will!

Check Out This Bad Boy!

The Outlaw is Bad-Ass, and is what the entire Planet Earth should have In-Their-Bag! This 12-speed driver is easier to control than the Rampage, but has nearly the distance! The Outlaw is an apt driver for all skill levels; although it will take beginners longer to Master the Big Bad-O!

Get Your Readers Out!

Read this entire page! The information contained on this page will help you find a Legacy DISTANCE DRIVER that's best for your level and style of play. Also, Please read our Legacy Disc Plastics Page to get familiar with Legacy's Plastic Editions.


This is What Started it All!

Legacy's debut of the 1st Run Pinnacle Rampage took many Top Pros by surprise. Because, never has a manufacturer entered the market with a 14-Speed Bomber...usually a putter comes first. But, Legacy is not your typical Disc Company and they knew this disc was needed, because Top Pros told them so!

Fastest Disc on the Market?

It's a claim made by many manufactures--WORLD'S FASTEST GOLF DISC! And, Legacy may have the "Fastest-Disc-Ever" in their Icon Edition Rampage! Plain and Simple...it's FAST! As the Patriarch of Legacy's Disc Family; the Rampage has ruled long-courses around the World since its inception in the 2011.

Power in 3-Editions!

We have the Rampage stocked in Excel-Edition, Pinnacle-Edition, and Icon-Edition Plastic types. The Excel-Edition Rampage has surprisingly speed and distance for entry-level plastic! The Pinnacle-Edition Rampage is faster and holds a turn Superbly. Our favorite is the Icon-Edition Rampage, and we prefer all of Legacy's distance drivers in their Icon material.

Legacy Rampage Disc Golf Distance Driver Info box


Go on a Rampage!

The Rampage flies fast and far off the tee pad, due to its 14-Speed, 5-Glide and Negative 1-Turn. Control is achieved from its perfectly planned 4-Fade, which helps it finish strongly with NO-SURPRISES! The Icon-Edition Rampage is Fabulous in the wind, and you must have a wind-worthy long-range driver in your bag!

Designed By Pros!

If you're long distance tosses are lacking and/or failing you, maybe its time to try something different? We highly recommend getting an Icon Rampage in 166-170 grams and Mastering it!


$7.99 ~ Get Your Distance On!

You do not need to spend Big Bucks to get started in the game with Legacy's Excel-Edition discs! The Rampage is available in Excel-Edition and is the perfect choice for someone's 1st [14-speed] driver, because it's less stable and best of all...Less Expensive!

What the Numbers Tell You.

The 14-Speed Legacy Excel Rampage is a designed with 4-Fade, so it stables-up and fades-out predictably. The High Fade makes it perfect for long drives that must finish with a Hyzer. If you have a fast arm...you're ready for the Rampage.



$15.99 ~ Powerful and Pretty!

Legacy's HIGH-END Pinnacle Edition Rampage is Strikingly Beautiful and Durable! This sweet polymeric material is what Legacy's 1st Golf Disc [1st Run Rampage] was molded from. The plastic is similar to Innova's Champion-Line in [feel and performance] and it's great in all Legacy Distance Drivers.

Pinnacle Rampage is Tight!

The Legacy Pinnacle Rampage flies faster and further than its Excel Brethren, and is also tougher. Pinnacle Edition LOOKS TIGHT dyed! It's our preferred plastic for Sky Dyes!



$15.99Our Need For Speed!

Legacy's Icon Edition Plastic is our 1st choice for Long Drives that must HYZER! When throwing into a wind and over OB, you NEED a disc you're Confident In! And, if the driver doesn't finish with FADE while going over H2O...you're going Over-Par! Icon Edition plastic slides through a head-wind and keeps your discs in stable condition longer than any plastic. So You Can Go For It Confidently!

Get It ~ Master It!

You'll want to learn the Icon Rampage! 'Cause, when thrown with good technique the Icon Rampage will help you surpass the 400' mark with accuracy!




Legacy released their 2nd disc [Cannon] in Nov. '11 with a BOOM! The Pinnacle Cannon is aptly named and will bring out the Inner-Cannon in your arm! It should be a Mainstay In-Your-Bag, because this under-stable Masterpiece is what's needed for [Big Booming] straight & anhyzer shots. Load Up your Cannon and go Blow-Up a course near you!

Legacy's Fastest and Longest!

It's a claim made by many manufactures--WORLD'S FASTEST GOLF DISC! Many manufacturers think they have it, but Legacy says, "NOPE! Our Cannon Is Fastest!" That's a huge statement to make, but CRDG is convinced they're correct! We've found it to be Light-Speed Fast out of your hand and probably a 14.5 Speeder!

Legacy Golf Discs Cannon Distance Driver info box


What'll It Do?

The Legacy Cannon is a small diameter distance driver that's loaded with gobs of Speed [14] to propel it forward. The High Glide [5] & Turn [-3] enables you to flip it over easily and Bomb-it it for all you got! The handle is ergonomically sound, and the Cannon has a wide lip, albeit...it feels comfortable with a power or pinch grip. The disc's profile looks like a missile, and you don't have to be disc-savvy to see it's a weapon of Mass Distance!

We Stock Cannon in 2-Plastics.

Legacy produces the Cannon in only their Pinnacle and Icon Plastic Editions. They're obtainable here in most weights and colors.


$15.99 ~ Got a Cannon!

If your under-stable long game is failing...you're going to FAIL on the Par 4 & 5 Holes! That's why you need a Cannon for super long Draws and Low-Line Hyzer-Flip Shots! When thrown hard in a slight Hyzer-Angle the Pinnacle Edition Cannon will turn-over, flatten out, and then stable up gently as it loses momentum. This type of technical-shot will take some time to Master, but when you do...you'll thank Legacy for the Pinnacle Cannon!


This Superior matter feels firm and is hard-wearing. The Pinnacle Cannon feels perfect in your hand and will bring your Long-Distance Game more Confidence!



$15.99 ~ Fastest Cannon!

The Icon Cannon was [1st SHOT] in late 2011, and is Legacy's most popular 14-Speed. The Icon Cannon enables less powerful golfers to throw their DREAM-SHOTS...over and over! Legacy researched many synthetic polymer blends to find the best stuff for golf discs, and this is it! Icon Edition Plastic is their fastest and most durable material.

IMHO...This One Works Best!

Icon-Edition is our preferred plastic for Long Drivers, because Icon exudes CONFIDENCE in your Head! This plastic won't bend, crack, or taco...Ever! You don't need to worry when you hit a tree or obstacle HARD...your Icon Cannon won't Factor or Wear from its original state!




Start A Gang!

Legacy Freed the Outlaw in Nov. 2014 and its Legacy's most popular distance driver! The Outlaw will help you Outlaw the ubiquitous Dumb Bogies and will bring out the Big Gun in your arm! This disc is a Masterpiece of flight incorporated into a piece of plastic! She likes to be thrown on [Booming] high turn-overs that must hold the line for distance! Saddle up a gang of Outlaws and go Bogie-Free!

Legacy's Prettiest Outlaw!

She's the Prettiest Outlaw in the Land and even Prettier in one of our Sky Dyes! Pinnacle is semi-opaque plastic that makes for sweet looking discs. Some are slightly swirly and/or pearlescent and they're stunning. We highly recommend Pinnacle Edition for our Legendary SKY DYES!

Legacy Golf Discs Outlaw Distance Driver info box


If Making a Great Disc was Simple!

The Discs, Plastics, & Molds are in Constant Perpetual Flux, and every year a Disc Co. claims they've re-invented the Coolest Game on the Earth! Things like Discs made w/Shoe Sole Rubber, and Dimpled Discs, and Discs made in 2-pieces that are fused together, etc. But, it just isn't that SIMPLE! 'Cause, for many years the one Sure Constant is 12 & 13 Speeders [in traditional High-end plastics and mold-types] have been the best Distance Drivers. The stats prove it!

The 12-Speed Constant!

The Constant to a Great Long Game is a Stable, High-Glide, 12-Speed Disc w/Balanced Turn! The Legacy Outlaw is exactly that disc! The Outlaw is a small diameter distance driver that's extremely long off the tee! It performs well in all wind situations and gets better with time!


$15.99 ~ A Good Kind of Outlaw!

If your stable long-range driver is failing...you're Confidence is going to Fail, and you won't play long holes well! You need an accurate predictable disc for the 400' to 1000' holes, and the Pinnacle Edition Outlaw will keep you in the Fairway after you've thrown as Hard As You Possible can! The Outlaw is very similar to Innova's Champion Destroyer, which has been a staple of many World Champions.


Pinnacle feels firm and will keep your Outlaw flying perfectly! The Pinnacle Outlaw is able to fly flat for extreme distances. She'll bring your Long-Distance Game Extreme Confidence!



$15.99 ~ Fastest Gun in the West!

The Icon Edition Outlaw was Uncuffed in late 2014 with much anticipation! The Icon Outlaw didn't disappoint and quickly became a favorite with Team Legacy! She's fairly stable and immediately became a Side-Arm throwers Dream Disc! Legacy's founder Steven Rico likes it and always carries a Gang of Outlaws [3]. We like the Outlaw for a going Flat-Hyzer w/power under branches for a long distance, and then fading for a Big Skip ACE!

This Will Work!

Many situations that require a stable Long-Driver are befitting for the Outlaw! This Outlaw will Factor  slowly from its original state to less stable in a couple years! You'll Fall In Love with her and she'll become your Go-To Girl for accuracy and distance!




Legacy released their 14th disc [Nemesis] in May. 2015 and it compliments their line-up perfectly. This under-stable Distance Driver is available in only the Icon-Edition NemesisThe Nemesis is what you need to bring out the Roller-Shot in your arm! If you don't have fast/powerful arm you should learn to throw ROLLERS on holes free of tall grass and obstacles. It's a High-Skill shot that takes practice, but when you get that 1st Big Roller out past 500 feet...you'll thank me!

Like A Wheel!

The Nemesis is fast [10-Speed] and has Low [Fade 2], which is what most putters have! What sets it apart is the MAXED-OUT Glide [6] and MAXED-OUT Turn [4]. They're great numbers for making a Disc Roll...Like a Wheel!

Legacy Golf Discs Nemesis Distance Driver info box


Don't Forget Your Nemesis!

The Coolest Game on Earth is a hard sport to Master! And, the An-Hyzer shot is particularly tricky, especially for a beginner. This skill-shot is made easier by using a disc that's designed to Turn, and the Icon Nemesis is that disc. It will make your Negative-Turn toss facile and will instantly improve your Game! This is because of the Massive [-4] TURN, which enables the Nemesis to hold a DRAW-LINE for the entire flight without fading back. Also, High Turn discs do better going Down-Hill and Down-wind.

Switching To Glide!

Less experienced players to the [Greatest Sport] should make the Nemesis a Top Priority to learn! Because, they're going to struggle to keep a stable-driver from fading to the ground early. The Nemesis takes much less power to flatten or turn-over and this, along with the HIGH [6] GLIDE keeps the Nemesis aloft for more D!


$15.99 ~ Need Some Negativity?

If your Negative-Turn Game is DOWN...it's going to be your downfall on shots that must Draw-Over. The Icon Nemesis will fix that and may become your favorite driver in doing so! Are you having to lift your arm above your head to get your disc to Anhyzer? If your answer is YES! You're throwing the wrong driver! You'll be able to turn-over this [-4 Turning] Goddess as easy as a Beat-up Pie Tin.

Best For Downwind!

The Icon Nemesis is as squirrelly into the wind as a Paper-Plate, and is not recommended for Head-wind throws! A Nemesis is best for Uphill, Downhill, and Downwind drives that require more Turn & Glide to keep the disc from Hyzering out early!

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