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Legacy Golf Discs is the Brain-Child of Bamba and Steven Rico out of San Fernando, California. The Rico Bros are Top Professionals with a combined [60-years] of disc golf experience! After many years of throwing other manufacturer's plastic, the Ricos decided to make better Golf Discs on their own. And thus, Legacy Discs was founded in 2011. The Ricos have used their vast knowledge of discs, and have also taken input from Top Touring Pros to create the best Golf Discs on Earth!

As of 1.1.17, Legacy Manufactures 17 Disc Models.

Legacy released their 1st Golf Disc [1st Run Pinnacle-Line Rampage] in August of 2011...from that seed their Golf Disc line-up has been growing exponentially. As of 01.01.2017 Legacy has maturated to include an impressive 17 Disc Models that are available in 5-Plastic Lines. Legacy has planned WELL and now makes a disc for every type of disc golf shot. CRDG stocks most models of Legacy Discs and you pick your Weight, Color, and Legacy Plastic-type.

Legacy Flight #s.

Legacy Golf Discs have 4 different flight characteristics that are set to numerical scales; i.e. Speed (1 to 14), Glide (1 to 6), Turn (-5 to 0), & Fade (0 to 5). These classifications are hot-stamped on the discs, and are used to measure the degree of each Flight Characteristic. The flight #s can be a big help in deciding what disc to buy. We've grouped disc-types below by LEGACY DISC SPEED CATEGORIES (2-14)...it just works best this way!

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Legacy Discs fall into Velocity Tiers from 2-speed (very slow) to 14-Speed (very fast)! From there, Legacy Golf Discs are grouped in similar SPEEDS CLASSES, I.E., Putters (2-Speed), Mid-ranges (4 & 5-Speed), Fairway Drivers (7 to 9-Speed), and Distance Drivers (10 to 14-Speed). It works Superbly and it's also how most people like their discs bagged...from Slowest to Fastest. It works better than arranging them by Glide, Turn, and Fade.

For a Better Disc Shopping Experience!

Read this page! The information contained on this page will help you find a disc that's best for your level and style of play. For more information about Legacy's disc flight characteristics, we recommend you also read our guide: A Better Disc Golf Experience.


Most Important Disc!

The Putter (2 Speed Disc) is the most important disc in your bag and Legacy makes excellent putters that help you putt with Confidence! The Legacy Clutch is our Favorite and Legacy Founder Steven Rico's too!

We Carry all 4-Putters!

CRDG carries all Legacy Putters that are available, and in many weights, colors, and plastic-types. Click for Legacy Plastic-Edition information.

Legacy Putters Includes:

We carry these Legacy Putters: Clutch, Clozer, Prowler, and Hunter.

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Legacy Mid-range are Birdie Machines!

The Legacy Mid-range Driver will set-up Birdie Putts more often than any disc in your bag! Also, you'll get more ACES with a mid-range! If you want more Birds & Aces, you better Master your Mid-range Game!

We Recommend Both!

Legacy Mid-range are produced in the Ghost and Gauge Mold, and you need both to Master the game of Disc Golf. The Ghost is Legacy's stable mid-range driver. It can handle the wind, and is very similar to the Innova Roc. The Gauge is faster, with more glide and less fade. It's in a class of its own, but if you need a "frame of reference" it's like an Innova Mako3...with more stability.

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FAIRWAY(7, 8, & 9 SPEED)

Legacy Fairway Drivers are Accurate!

Disc Speeds from 7 to 9-Speed are AKA as FAIRWAY DRIVERS. These highly Under-rated Drivers are the TWEENER discs you need to compliment your Mid-range & Distance Drivers. Fairway Drivers can be BOOMED for amazing lengths, and are easier to control than a distance-driver.

Chain Reaction Tip:

We highly recommend that you throw and Master Legacy's Icon Rival! The Rival will cut strokes off your score by keeping you in the FAIRWAY!

We Stock and Recommend:

We carry these Legacy Fairway Drivers in most plastic-types: Bandit, Enemy, Rival, Patriot, Mongoose, and Phenom.

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Rip It With Confidence!

Legacy Distance Drivers are available in 4-models and we have them in all available plastics. These extra-long distance discs were designed and tested by Top Professionals are as good as it gets!

Go Big or Go Home!

The Legacy Rampage was Legacy's 1st Golf Disc and is Legacy's 14-Speed BIG-DOG! Yes...a STABLE 14-speeder is the disc Legacy started selling first! Legacy specializes in SPEED, and has (2) 14-speed drivers. The Cannon is also capable of going 14, and is a Phenomenal Under-stable Driver that's our biggest seller. We highly recommend you buy an Icon-Line or Pinnacle-Line Cannon!

Legacy's 10 to 14-Speed Line-Up:

We carry these Legacy Distance Drivers: Rampage, Cannon, Outlaw, and Nemesis.

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Legacy's First Golf Disc!

Legacy released the "Pinnacle Rampage" on the World in August 2011 with BIG FAN FAIR, because it's what Top Players had been wanting for years! The Rampage is as fast as LEGALLY POSSIBLE by the Professional Disc Golf Association's Golf Disc Standards! We highly recommend taking your game and confidence to another level with the Icon-Line and Pinnacle-Line Rampage!

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