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Master The Mid-range Driver!

Chain Reaction learned long ago that it is CRUCIAL for you to Master the Mid-range Driver; if you plan to compete at a high level in Disc Golf! Yeah, Yeah...everyone knows the over-used CLICHE; "Putt For Dough"! But, the Middies are the YEAST in that Dough...that get you near the target and help you RISE to the occasion!


We carry the Legacy Mid-Range in the Ghost and Gauge models, and you're gonna need both! These 2 discs compliment one another perfectly by covering a wide variety of mid-distance shots.

You Need A Ghost!

Legacy's Ghost is a 4-Speed, Semi-Stable disc that has pin-point accuracy. The Ghost is great for stable situations and windy conditions! It's what the Pros Throw!

You Need a Gauge!

The Gauge is well suited for beginners and if you're new to the sport...you should make this your 1st M-R! The Gauge is FAST [5-Speed] and very controllable. Pros will like the Gauge's High Glide [5] and low fade [1] for draw-shots and situations that require negative-turn.

Get Your Readers Out!

Read this entire page! The information contained on this page will help you find a Legacy MID-RANGE that's best for your level and style of play. Also, Please read our Legacy Disc Plastics Page to get familiar with Legacy's Plastic Editions.



Legacy's Ghosts are Moolah Makers for Tournament Pros and get HIGH PRAISE from Professionals in the Sport. This is Team Legacy's Go-To mid-range, and most carry a few Ghosts from NEW to DINOSAURS in their bag. The Ghost is so important to Master, because it will make strokes disappear from your score-card. Plus, you need a Confident M-R game, because it's where you'll get the most ACES!

Rock The Ghost!

We have the Ghost available in Excel-Edition, Pinnacle-Edition, and Icon-Edition Plastic types. The Ghost competes with Innova's Roc3 for Top Stable Mid-range, and their flight characteristics are comparable. The Ghost flies like a slightly Factored Roc3. Additionally, the Ghost's profile is almost a ROC'S spitting image...with a beaded bottom side lip as well. Our favorite happens to be the Pinnacle Ghost!

Legacy Golf Discs Ghost Mid-range


More Ghost Stories!

The Ghost will fly straight and far off the tee pad, due to its greater Glide [5] and starts to Fade nicely as it loses Speed and/or RPMS. The Icon-Edition Ghost is Fabulous in the wind and you must have a wind-worthy Mid-range in your bag!

Designed By Pros!

Once again, Legacy's Steven Rico [World Class Professional] designed another Magnificent Golf Disc..in the Ghost!


$7.99 ~ Get Your Moneys Worth!

Newbies don't need to spend Big Bucks to get started with Legacy's Excel-Edition discs! The Excel Ghost is available and actually works better for less experienced players, because it's less stable and best of all...Less Expensive!

What the Numbers Tell You.

The Legacy Excel Edition Ghost is a designed with 3-Fade, so it stables-up and Hyzers Predictably. The High Glide [5] makes it perfect for long approach shots, and the 0-Turn keeps the Ghost on a straight line at higher speeds.



$15.99 ~ We LOVE the Pinnacle Ghost!

Legacy's HIGH-END Pinnacle Edition Plastic is striking and nearly indestructible! This polymeric material is similar to Innova's Champion-Line in [feel and performance] and works particularly well in a Mid-range!

Pinnacle Ghost is the Best!

The Legacy Pinnacle Ghost will fly faster than an Excel Ghost, and slightly slower than its Icon-Edition Sibling. Pinnacle Edition is our preferred plastic for the Ghost, because it's easy to Master!



$15.99 ~ Top of the Line Ghost!

Legacy's Icon Edition Plastic is Opaque [High-end] material that's similar to Innova's Star plastic. Legacy worked hard to perfect Icon Edition, and it feels perfect in your hand! The plastic slides through the wind and keeps your Ghost from Factoring too quickly and losing its stability.

Believe in Icon Ghosts!

The Icon Ghost is unbelievably durable! It will take years of beatings and keep its firm and solid feel. The Icon Ghost ages like a Fine Wine to become your Go-To mid-range for accurate 200' to 300' drives.



All The Rage!

Legacy's Pinnacle Gauge should be a Main-Stay...In-Your-Bag! This semi under-stable mid-range is needed for straight and anhyzer shots. These throws are typically very tricky for less experienced players!

Gauge Inside the Cage!

As noted earlier on this page...your Mids will get you the most Hole-In-Ones! That said, an Icon Edition Gauge will hold a Beeline from your Hand to the Inside of the Cage. So, you absolutely need to Master the Gauge...if you're looking for your 1st or 100th ACE!

Legacy Golf Discs Gauge Mid-range info box



The Legacy Gauge is a large diameter mid-range driver with plenty of Glide [5] to keep in moving forward in a straight line. The Gauge's lip is BEAD-LESS and the handle is ergonomically sound! The disc's profile looks like an Innova Atlas [leading edge], but the disc is more domey. The Atlas is also a good reference frame for the Gauge's flight properties...it's a straight flyer!

We Stock Gauge in 2-Plastics.

Legacy produces the Gauge in only Pinnacle and Icon [High-end] Plastic Editions. They're obtainable in most weights and colors.


$15.99 ~ Get a Gauge!

If your under-stable mid-range is failing you...you're going to struggle on the Deuce-or-Die Holes! You need to Get a Gauge for DRAW-SHOTS! The Pinnacle Edition Gauge will follow the angle of release through to the end of its flight. It will take a little time to Master the Gauge, but when you do...you're going to thank me!


This Dashing Plastic feels firm and is slow-wearing. The Pinnacle Gauge feels perfect in your hand and will bring your Mid-range Game more Confidence!



$15.99 ~ Top Gauge!

The Icon Edition Gauge will bring you many years of Confident Short Straight Drives! Legacy's Icon Edition Plastic is their fastest and most durable material, and it's phenomenal in the Gauge Mold. Icon Edition has superior grip and is as indestructible as anything on the market.

Not Just for Driving!

Icon Gauge is an all-around great disc! The Gauge can be thrown off the tee and on up-shots, and then used for a putter. If you're going to carry only 1-disc; make it an Icon Gauge.

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