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Legacy Plastic Editions are produced in 5-specialized blends that feel Smoother or Grippier, Softer or Harder, and more durable. Your Disc's Plastic-type is as important for your GAME & CONFIDENCE as the Mold it's produced FROM! That's why it's important to research and test as many disc plastics as you can! Because, golfers eventually gravitate to what feels good in their hand and works best for their throwing techniques. You'll know when you find the plastics that are best for your game!

The 5 Main Plastic Categories Are:

High-End Legacy Plastic Editions are named Icon-Edition and Pinnacle-Edition, and they're both very durable and more pricey. Mid-Level priced Protege-Edition & Gravity-Edition are Premium plastics that break-in slowly. Entry-Level Excel-Edition plastic will FACTOR-OUT [Break-In] sooner, and is great for NEGATIVE-TURN and Magic-Shots!


Why are there so many Legacy Plastic Editions? Because, plastic preferences vary for each person and Multiple plastic types are needed for a personalized feel and flight. Some people like soft plastic for putting, while others prefer putters made from firm or hard plastic. This is the same with mid-range and drivers. Some players like Icon-Edition for stable (head-wind) drivers, and Pinnacle-Edition for the negative-turn shots and (down-wind) throws.

What Works Best For You?

Experienced players typically have golf discs in many PLASTIC-TYPES, and in many conditions...from New to Factored-out in their bag. CRDG Tip: A newer (stable) Icon Rampage or Icon Enemy can be trusted into a Head-Wind!

For more on Legacy's Plastic Editions...read this Entire Page!
legacy Excel-Line Plastic



Legacy's Excel-Edition is a great low-priced plastic that's comparable to Innova's DX plastic. Excel is firm and provides an excellent grip in a variety of weather conditions. Excel plastic breaks-in fast and isn't as durable as Legacy's Icon and Pinnacle plastics. Excel plastic wears with usage and will [Factor-Out] and eventually take on new flight characteristics (usually more glide and turn).


Highly Factored discs are good to have in your bag for shots that ABSOLUTELY have to Turn-Over and/or Not Fade-Out. Your Beat-Up EXCEL-Edition Golf Disc can do that and things that CAN'T be accomplished with a new disc! You need a Factored Excel-Edition driver for those Magic-Shots.

Best Choice For Beginners!

Newbies need not invest much Moolah to get started in Disc Golf with Legacy Excel-Line Discs! We recommend Excel for less experienced players with slower arm-speed.

legacy Gravity-Line Plastic



Gravity Edition is a softer/tackier version of Legacy's Protege-Plastic, and is for players who prefer discs that are more flexible and grippy! Legacy produces only PUTTERS and MID-RANGES in this plastic-line, that's similar to Innova's R-Pro Plastic. Gravity-Edition is a tad less durable than Protege, yet Factors-Out slowly.

Great Putter Plastic!

Legacy's Gravity-Edition is a Premium Plastic that works exceptionally well in putters! Gravity will absorb the shock, so your putts stay in the target. The Gravity Clutch is a CRDG Favorite!

legacy Protege-Line Plastic



Protege plastic is slightly firm and has an excellent grip! Legacy produces only PUTTERS and MID-RANGES in this plastic-line, that's similar to Innova's Pro-Line Plastic. Protege-Edition is more durable than Excel and Factors-Out slower. As this plastic wears-in it becomes less stable, and turns & glides easier.

Mid-priced Plastic!

Legacy's Protege-Edition is lower priced than [high-end] Icon-Line or Pinnacle-Line discs. This is [Legacy's co-founder and World Class Pro] Steven Rico's preferred plastic for his longer putts in the wind, in which he uses a heavy Protege Clutch.

legacy Pinnacle-Edition Plastic



Pinnacle Edition Plastic is faster than entry-level Excel plastic and much more durable. This hard-wearing material will give you the confidence that your disc will perform consistently on every throw! Pinnacle is comparable to Innova Champion-Line and features beautiful pearlescent swirls.


Pinnacle Edition is produced with hi-tech plastic that provides outstanding performance and durability. Another excellent characteristic of Pinnacle-Edition is that there is not a very hard fade at the end of the disc's flight. Pinnacle stables up with a nice slow curve and glides for extra distance!

legacy Icon-Edition  Plastic



Icon Edition Plastic is the best plastic that Legacy Golf Discs are produced from, and its durability is second to none! This heavy-duty matter is the fastest, and also has the best grip in rainy conditions. Icon is comparable to Innova Star-Line and is also opaque.


Icon-Edition is formulated with the latest plastic technology, and offers the fastest flight. This plastic flies great into a head-wind and as the disc slows and loses RPMs...Icon discs fade-out hard. The hard fade makes it great for skip-shots and knife-shots! Icon-Edition discs are more high-speed stable and this is what Legacy's Top Pros tend to throw most!


Stability, performance, and superior grip, make Legacy Icon discs the ideal choice for your game. Icon-Line plastic is always opaque and is great plastic for our Sky Dyes.

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