The DISCatcher Pro 28 Target [Portable Version] implements a galvanized metal base with quick release screws, allowing you to disassemble and transport the target with ease.
DISCatcher Pro 28 Target
DISCatcher Pro 28 Target


DISCatcher PRO 28 is equipped with 28 chains…it has 14 outer, 7 middle, and 7 inner strands. The grid catches fast & slow putts, and heavy & light discs superbly. The PRO 28 has a 14 spoke cage for increased strength, and it keeps discs from jamming in the cage.

Permanent or Portable Design.

The Pro 28 comes in permanent or portable models (shown in photos) and is PDGA approved for tournaments. Please select which version is best for you.

Large Orders Welcome!

Need a bunch of Innova DISCatcher Pro 28 Targets? Please call or message us for a price quote on large orders.

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Innova DISCatcher Traveler sets up and takes down with ease. Ideal for taking on trips to the park and easy to set up for practice. Color: Blue, Red, Yellow
DISCatcher Traveler
DISCatcher Traveler


The DISCatcher Traveler is INNOVA’s lightest weight portable Disc Golf Target. Although it is very light…the Traveler is very durable and will last you for years. The Traveler has 5-legs and anchoring pins to keep it in place during your putting sessions.

Quiet Down Please!

If you’re looking for a quieter target, you’ve found it. Innova’s DISCatcher Traveler is much quieter than traditional targets.

Available colors: Yellow, Red, Blue

We’ll ship [FREE] as many Travelers  as you need to the contiguous 48 states. (FREE SHIPPING excludes Alaska & Hawaii–Please call for shipping to AK & HI)

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Mini DISCatcher
Mini DISCatcher
Mini DISCatcher

The Innova DISCatcher® Mini Target is great for Trophies or Mini Disc Golf. This scaled down version of Innova’s DISCatcher® Sport Target sets up in a few snaps and requires no tools. Innova Mini Targets use Mini Golf Discs instead of full size golf discs.

If you do decide to buy a Mini DISCatcher and get into Mini Disc Golf…we recommend you get some Innova Mini Drivers. They’re made from Innova DX plastic and fly further and are more accurate.

FREE Shipping on DISCatcher Mini Targets to lower States only. Please contact us for shipping cost to AK & HA.

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The Innova SkillShot Disc Golf Target features a sturdy tripod base and can be mounted on hillsides or on the flat-ground...allowing more flexibility than flat based targets.


The Skillshot is the most portable basket in disc golf! It weighs only 26 pounds and folds to the size of an umbrella.

The SkillShot has durable, colorful 600 denier polyester skins available in black, blue, forest green, and red. The SkillShot’s bright upper & lower skins make it one of the most visible disc golf targets on the market.  It even comes with a flag for reading the wind and its very own carry case.

FREE Shipping on SkillShot Targets to lower 48 contiguous states. Please contact us for shipping costs to AK & HI.

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