Innova Strap and Stool Package
Innova BackSaver Quad Straps distribute the weight of your bag evenly over both shoulders for the long Bag-Hauls you'll be making as a Disc Golfer.
Innova Backsaver Quad Straps


Get an Innova BackSaver Quad Strap and lighten the load, reduce fatigue, and enhance your bag’s comfort. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel and likely play with the bag carried on both shoulders.

Lightweight, Quiet, & Sharp!

Innova Backsavers are light-weight and they look great on any bag. These straps have excellent (Silent) fasteners…No Clankety-Clank Karabiners Required. Innova’s┬áspring loaded FASTeners are FAST and can be quickly attached or removed. BackSaver Straps can be adjusted to fit anyone’s body size and liking FAST!

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