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1st Run G-Star Colossus

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Innova [Proto-Star] 1st Run Colossus!

The 1st Run GStar Colossus is a very fast, semi-stable, long distance driver that should be added to EVERYONE’S DISC COLLECTION! The Colossus is Innova’s first Foray into the 14-Speed Realm and these one’s are going to be worth something someday!

SPEED: 14 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -2 | FADE: 3


Innova’s First 14-Speed!

Collect a Colossus while you can!

The 1st Run G-Star Colossus was released Jan. 18th with Huge Expectations. This is Innova’s first Machination to eclipse the [14-Speed Limit] and Innova did it RIGHT! These very Limited [1st Molded Production Run] GStar-Line Colossus are stamped up some with Beautiful Proto-Star Hot-Stamps.

Want the FASTEST!

If you’d like a FASTER Katana with less high-speed Turn. Or, a FASTER Boss with more high-speed Turn. The Colossus is your Dream Driver!

Faster Than Anything!

The 1st Run G-Star Colossus is a FAST Driver! It Bolts from your hand and acts Stable Down-Wind and Less-Stable into a wind. The Colossus is made from Super-Grippy G-Star-line plastic and the 2 are a Perfect Match. The 14-Speeder’s wide rim delivers maximum speed, glide, and distance.

Diameter: 21.2 cm

Available Plastics and Weight Range:

Best Choice for:

  • 14-Speed Driver
  • Maximum Distance
  • Long Hyzers
  • Headwind Drives
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Additional information


Orange, Red, Yellow


173-175 grams


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