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1st Run Wombat3

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The 1st Run Proto-Star Wombat3 is available in Star-Line Plastic that’s durable and beautiful! They’re available in a variety of 1st Run Proto-Star Hot-Stamp colors that we have listed in selection box.

SPEED: 5 | GLIDE: 6 | TURN: -1 | FADE: 0


V-Tech Handle.

The Innova Star 1st Run Wombat3 uses V-Tech (Rim-Design) technology for an ergonomic handle. V-Tech also adds torque-resistance [because there’s more plastic in the leading-edge]. Thus, the disc doesn’t flex when it’s tossed hard! The Wombat3 is produced in Star plastic and CRDG highly recommends you try the WOMBAT3!

Switching to Glide!

The Wombat3 likes to GLIDE [6] and will stay turned for its entire flight, and then comes to rest with a gentle flat landing. It will get you close to the pin for the Birdie-Putt, and also, has a beaded bottom that feels sweet for Putting. The Wombat is one of the best mid-range for disc golf, and if needed, this could be your only disc!

Diameter: 21.7cm

Available Plastics and Weight Ranges:

  • 1st Run Star Wombat3: 175-180g

Best Choice for:

  • Technical approaches
  • Tunnel shots
  • Short finesse drives
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Additional information


Lime-green, Orange, Pink, Yellow


173-175 grams, 179-180 grams


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