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The Innova Blizzard Champion-Line Vulcan is a GREAT CHOICE for going BIG…up-hills, over trees, and over anything that gets in your way. The Vulcan goes Fast for D, has lots of glide to keep it off the ground, and lots of Turn (to clear the trees)…and, the Vulcan will turn-over at its Apex…and not Fade out–way short.

SPEED: 13 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -4 | FADE: 2


Blizzard Champion Vulcan ~ Throw Long & Prosper!

The Innova Blizzard Champion-Line Vulcan is for less powerful players that want to throw the shots of their dreams. Vulcans are similar in flight to Blizzard Katana with less low speed fade. High Turn rating makes a Light-weight Blizzard Vulcan a great choice for going BIG over trees. The Vulcan is fairly flippy and makes a great long range roller as well.

Throw Accurate and Prosper!

The Vulcan’s low Fade keeps it from Hyzering out fast…which adds distance and keeps you in the fairway.

Blizzard Champion Plastic is great for CRDG’s Legendary Sky Dyes.

Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Plastics: Star, Blizzard
Weight Range:

Best Choice for:

  • Easy to throw far
  • Available in low weights
  • High powered roller

Additional information


Blue, Green, Hot Pink, Lemon-Yellow, Lime-green, Orange


140-144 grams, 145-149 grams, 155-159 grams


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