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INNOVA CADDY PACK includes Innova’s Caddy Seat and Innova’s BackSaver Straps. A Disc Bag is not Included with this Package. The CADDY PACK is for the Disc Golfer who wants to SIMPLIFY having a chair with them during rounds. The Caddy Seat is securely attached to your bag and BackSaver Straps and there’s no way you’re going to leave it on the course.

Take A Seat!

Innova created the Caddy Pack for long-slow rounds…so you can always have a seat at the ready. The Caddy Pack features Innova’s lightweight aluminum Caddy Seat and BackSaver Straps integrated into 1-system. Caddy Pack (Seat & Straps) can be easily attached to your bag in 10-15 minutes.

Pictures show all Caddy Pack Combinations. Bags NOT included w/Caddy Pack.

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Don’t Forget Your Seat!

The Innova Caddy Pack easily connects to your bag and automatically folds in as you stand-up. Just put the Backsaver Straps over your shoulders and head-out on the course!

The Little Things:

For more comfort, the Caddy Pack integrated seat doubles as a backpack frame allowing the weight of the bag to rest on the built in lumbar pad. Less time spent on your feet or carrying your bag saves energy and allows you to focus on your game. Seat has a 230 lb. load limit.

  • Includes: Caddy Seat, & Backsaver Straps
  • Integrated seat (Can be detached)
  • Seat/frame includes lower lumbar pad
  • Lumbar pad allows more air circulation
  • Seat/frame doubles as carrying handle
  • Straps stay off ground and stay clean
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • 1260 denier reinforced nylon seat
  • With some MODIFICATIONS–The C-Pack will install to any disc golf bag

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