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Champion Destroyer


The Legend!

The Champion Destroyer is a very fast long-distance driver that has high and low speed stability. This is a Great Disc for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power. Destroyers can handle headwinds and throws with off axis torque.

SPEED: 12 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -1 | FADE: 3


The Destroyer is a Champ!

The Champion Destroyer is the Professional’s Choice for Speed and Accuracy. This is the favorite distance driver of Team Innova’s Top Pros! Innova’s Paul McBeth throws Destroyers and many other Pros do too! CRDG Highly Recommends the Destroyer for Advanced and Professional Disc Golfers.

The Destroyer in Champion!

The Innova Champion Destroyer is made from Beautiful, Firm Champion-line plastic that’s more expensive than the entry level [DX & Pro] plastic lines. It’s also more more durable and won’t factor-out nearly as fast as the less expensive plastics. That will keep your new Destroyer in stable condition for a lot longer.

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Diameter: 21.2 cm
Available Plastics and Weight Range:

Best Choice for:

  • Maximum Distance
  • Long Hyzers
  • Headwind Drives
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Additional information


Blue, Cranberry, Hot Pink, Lime-green, Orange, Pink, Yellow


165-169 grams, 170-172 grams, 173-175 grams


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