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Champion King Cobra

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The King!

The King Cobra is a slightly stable Mid-Range that’s only available in long lasting Champion plastic. The King Cobra is a well balanced mid-range with lots of glide and just the right amount of high speed turn to fly straight at full power.The King Cobra is a perfect ‘Go-To’ Mid-Range and will become a straight to turn-over mid-range with age. 

SPEED: 4 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: 0 | FADE: 2


The King Cobra is OOP!

The Champion King Cobra is leaving Innova’s Line-up, so if you throw King Cobras, you may want to stock up!

Shot Shaper!

The Innova Champion-Line King Cobra is good for shot shaping Mid-Range drives. The King Cobra (looks like) but, is more stable than its DX counterpart the Cobra. The King Cobra (Ontario Cobra mold) falls between the Roc+ and the Shark on the stability scale. The King Cobra can be thrown for Finesse S-Shots in less wind and carves-up short tight fairway courses.

Diameter: 21.7cm

Available Plastics and Weight Ranges:

  • Champion King Cobra: 165-180g

Best Choice for:

  • ‘Go To’ Mid-Range
  • Technical shots
  • Reliable performance

Additional information


Blue, Yellow


179-180 grams


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