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The Champion-Line Mako3 is a Fast and Straight flying Mid-Range driver that will Eat Up Birdie Holes! The Mako3 will Chew up the Birdies and take a Bite out of your scores.

SPEED: 5 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: 0 | FADE: 0


The Flat Mako3!

The Mako3 is FLAT! The Innova Champion Mako3 is molded in Jolly Launcher Champion-Line plastic that’s perfect in the Mako(3) Mold. The Mako3 is Fairly FLAT and CRDG recommends you throw a flat mid-range. Flat Mids behave different than Domey Mid-Speeders. It will Factor-out to be your favorite straight or negative turning mid-range.

Slow-Good Glide!

The Mako3 holds a Line at slow speed and has the Zoom of a FAST 5-Speed Mid-Range disc. The Mako3 is a large diameter disc (like a Roc or Roc3) that flies like a beat-up Roc…right out of the box. The Champion Mako3 is a 5-Glide mid-range driver. That’s High for a mid-range and it’s why the Mako3 can go for 300 [plus] feet! The Mako3 has Low Fade (0) & Low Turn (0) and that keeps it flying “Straight as an arrow!”

CRDG Favorite for SKY DYES!

The Champion-Line Mako3 is a favorite of ours and it’s also Sky Dye-able.

Diameter: 21.7cm

Available Plastics and Weight Ranges:

Best Choice for:

  • Dead straight shots
  • Smooth hyzer shots
  • One disc rounds
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165-169 grams, 173-175 grams, 176-178 grams, 179-180 grams


Hot Pink, Lemon-Lime, Orange


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