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The Disc Mania Lite can serve as a target for temporary courses, camps, schools, and home. With just 5 parts, it assembles with the help of a screwdriver in about 5 minutes. The Disc Mania Lite is PDGA approved for tournament play.

Futuristic Chain Design!

This great practice basket catches better, because the Chain Rack has 12 VERTICAL hanging chain strands that are connected by HORIZONTAL chain strands (twice) 1/3 & 2/3 of the way down each chain strand. This Disc Mania Lite Basket is the FUTURE of target chain design. It uses less chain and gets more catch!

The Disc Mania Lite Basket ships for FREE.

SORRY! Free Shipping is NOT available to Alaska & Hawaii. Please CONTACT-US for a quote on shipping Disc Mania Lite Targets to AK & HI.

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Welcome to The Future!

The Disc Mania Lite uses a High-Tech chain design with 12 Interconnected strands of galvanized chain along the outside of the chain assembly. The new design catches better with less chain…and is lighter. It’s one of the best catching practice baskets available and a CRDG Favorite. And, the Disc Mania Lite is approved for PDGA sanctioned tournament use.

LITE yet Durable!

At under 30 pounds, the Disc Mania Lite basket can be moved around easily. The target consists of 6 pieces that are well-made and sturdy, and everything sets-up in less than 5 minutes. It’s a perfect home practice target, and is great for a game of H-O-R-S-E with a friend. Practice Putting improves your short game, and Team Innova says–that is where the game is won or lost!

The Disc Mania Lite Basket is not for permanent outdoor installation. Click for Innova’s [permanent mount] DISCatcher Pro 28.

  • Upper Chain Assembly has NEW CHAIN DESIGN (12 interconnected strands)
  • Disc Mania Flag Included for extra visibility
  • Durable yellow powder coated Pole with pre-attached chain set attaches in seconds.
  • Electroplate galvanized finish on Basket keeps the DISC MANIA LITE looking great
  • 2 Poles sections with an electroplate galvanized finish make for easy storage
  • Base is an electroplate galvanized, four spoke system, that is wide and strong, yet still lightweight
Add our REACTOR Inner Chain Set for $34.99. Click to View Reactor Chain Sets.

Looking for a permanent mount target for your home or park’s course? Click for Innova’s DISCatcher Pro 28 Target.

Click For Innova DISCatcher Targets Page.

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Weight42 lbs
Dimensions34 × 34 × 15 in


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