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A light weight DX Valkyrie gives extra distance and can also give players extreme range when thrown downwind. Where-as, maximum weight Valkyries can give excellent upwind distance.

SPEED: 9 | GLIDE: 4 | TURN: -2 | FADE: 2


Get Your Wings

The Innova DX Valkyrie is the perfect distance driver for Newbies to learn how to throw far distances with accuracy. The Valkyrie is perfectly balanced…it’s not too stable, not too fast or slow, and not too hard to control.

Turn + Glide = Distance!

The Valkyrie’s high speed turn and flight characteristics make it a great choice for long range turnover shots and rollers.

DX is the X-Factor

Newer players will like how DX-Line plastic FACTORS faster…and will break-in to fly flat and long. DX-Line plastic is very tacky feeling and less expensive than High-End plastic lines.

The Skinny!

The Innova Valkyrie is one of the best distance discs in the World, and should be in your bag!

Not sure what plastic is best for you? Click this link for Innova plastic Line Info.

Diameter: 21.2cm

Available Plastics & Weight Range:

Best Choice for:

  • First distance driver
  • Tailwind drives
  • Long turnover drives

Additional information


Orange, Pink, White, Yellow


165-169 grams, 173-175 grams


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