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The Innova GStar Firebird is a favorite of side-arm & overhand throwers and is designed for advanced & professional level players. The GStar-Line Firebird is Also-Known-As: ‘Fire-Chicken’ and It’s made from Innova’s magnificent GStar-Line plastic that’s very tacky and durable.

SPEED: 9 | GLIDE: 3 | TURN: 0 | FADE: 4


Chickens Can Fly!

The Innova GStar Firebird is a stable distance driver that’s great for a variety of short and long drives! It has a big, beefy rim that makes it the best golf disc for [Thumber] over-hand shots. People who throw lots of TUMBERS…throw Fire-Chickens! The GStar-Line Firebird is great for cold weather play and CRDG recommends you try Innova’s GStar-Line plastic distance drivers.


Did we say “It’s a Great Over-Hand Thrower’s Golf Disc!” The Firebird is the world’s best disc for Baseball, Thumbers, Tomahawks, Pancakes, and all over-hand throws!

Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Plastics and Weight Range:

Best Choice for:

  • Headwind drives
  • Flex shots
  • Big hyzers
  • Over-hand Thumbers

Additional information


Lime-green, Purple, Red


165-169 grams, 173-175 grams


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