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The Innova Super HeroPack and HeroPack are CRDG’s Favorite bags. The only ISSUE we have with the Innova HeroPacks is the Bag-Sag! It happens when you have too much STUFF in the TOP pockets. After Bouncing around the course with your Phone, Car Keys, Wallet, and [WHATEVER?] in the top-pockets…the Support Frame can give in to Gravity! It’s Physics and the HEADER for HeroPack is a SIMPLE FIX!

Click for HEADER Installation Instructions.

Please use these instructions to quickly install THE HEADER.

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HEADER for HeroPack by CRDG

CRDG invented the HEADER for HeroPack to stop the Dreaded Bag-Sag that happens when you carry heavy items in the Innova HeroPack’s upper pockets. This also happens to lots of other manufacturers Back Pack style disc golf bags…but, CRDG only makes the HEADER for the HeroPack and Super HeroPack.


Our HEADER will keep your bag from collapsing in on itself when you have a ton of STUFF in the top pockets. This Ingenious Device works like the HEADER over the windows & doors in your house. Without HEADERS you’re living in a HOUSE of CARDS! FYI: $200.00 Disc Bags Sag too!

Player Tested-Customer Approved!

We’ve tested the HEADER for HeroPack on the Innova SuperHeroPack and original HeroPack Bag for over 2-years and Love IT! We’ve sold HUNDREDS of HEADERS and our customers LOVE the HEADER too. We’ve never had a complaint…NOT 1! We also LOVE the HeroPack! The HeroPacks are AWESOME and for the MONEY…they’re the Best Disc Golf Bags on the Planet!

Installs Fast! Looks Great!

The HEADER for HeroPack will install in 5 minutes (or less) and keeps your Innova HeroPack Disc Golf Bag from slowly falling in on itself. The HEADER will make your HeroPack look Better and keeps it looking NEW for a much longer time! If your Innova HeroPack bag is starting to bow down in the front…GET a HEADER!

  • Can be used as an additional HANDLE.
  • Makes your HeroPack look GREAT…it may make your HeroPack last longer.
  • The HEADER is made from Durable Hardwood, and Stainless Steel Screws and Washers are included.
  • Pre-drilled and EASY to install.
  • Please use Installation Instructions shown in pictures.
Click for HEADER Installation Instructions.

FYI: The $200.00 Back-Pack bags have Bag-Sag too!

NOTE: Do Not sit on the HeroPack Bag. It is not a chair and the HEADER WON”T make it a Chair-Like Bag.

FREE HEADER w/ HeroPack:

We’ve performed extensive testing [over 2-years] on our HEADER FOR HEROPACK and it is a [MUST HAVE] for Innova’s Super HeroPack & HeroPack bags! We’ve heard amazing compliments and ZERO complaints about the contrivance. We believe in it so much, that we include THE HEADER with every Super HeroPack and HeroPack Bag complimentary.

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