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Get Your Wings!

The Innova Air Force Patch features High-Quality Embroidery on top (lots of stitches) and Heat Activated Glue on the back. An Innova Air Force Patch can be IRONED ON or SEWN ON to most garments.

How To Apply Info Below.

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May The Force Be With You!

The Innova Air Force Patch features Innova’s Air Force Symbol in beautiful Black, Yellow, and White threading. The Innova Air Force Logo is synonymous with Innova’s Competition Disc Golf Team’s historic dominance, and is a symbol of Innova’s High Quality! If you want to be part of the Innova Air Force…Get Your Wings!

Show Your Team Colors!

It looks great on everything, especially Disc Golf Bags. The Patch is shown in pictures 3, 4 and 5, ironed onto our Innova HeroPack Yellow Camo TEST Bag. An Innova Air Force Patch is easy to apply to just about any garment and we’ve added it to Disc Golf Bags, Shirts, and Caps. The Patch is permanently ironed on in 30-60 seconds of ironing. Use a protective cloth when applying the Innova Air Force Patch!

How To Attach

You’ll need a hot iron, or needle and thread, to attach the PATCH. We suggest the Iron-on method! You can easily add the patch to your Disc Golf Bag in a minute or two…here’s how. On a flat surface, position patch on gear…where it will look good. Then, try not to re-position the patch as you cover the entire area with a protective cloth. Cover any area that may get touched by the Hot Iron! Use an Iron [on high] for 15 seconds and then remove protective cloth to see how well it has attached. Cover with cloth and reheat areas that haven’t been properly heated until everything is securely fastened.


Please Be Careful with that Hot Iron when applying the Innova Air Force Patch! And, Please use a sturdy table, and Do Not let the Iron touch any part of your body. Also, Do Not let the Hot Iron touch the gear it’s being applied to. COVER THE ENTIRE AREA (Patch and Gear) WITH A THIN CLOTH! Apply heat in 15 second intervals and check to see how well the glue is melting and setting.

NOTE! The hot Iron will flatten the foam padding that is inside the material. This doesn’t affect the performance of the bag in any way.

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