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Be Kind to Your Spine!

Get a set of Innova BackSaver Straps to lighten your load, reduce fatigue, and enhance comfort.

Innova Backsaver Straps are very light-weight and they look sharp. These straps have excellent (Silent) fasteners and there’s No Clankety-Clank Karabiners Required. Innova’s spring loaded FASTeners are FAST and can be quickly attached or removed. BackSaver Straps can be adjusted to fit anyone’s body size and liking.

BackSaver Straps are also a Chain Reaction Disc Golf Recommended Product.

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Innova BackSaver Straps distribute the weight of your bag over both shoulders for the long Bag-Hauls you’ll be making as a Disc Golfer. The BackSvaer can be used as a Single Strap for convenience when neccessary. Backsaver Straps are made to fit Innova’s DISCarrier-Bag, Competition-Bag, and Deluxe-Bag. These straps are also compatible with many of Innova’s older bags such as the Champion Bag, and the Tour Bag. BackSaver Straps will work for all bags with removable straps and can be modified to work on almost any disc golf bag. Call us if you have a question about Backsaver Straps being compatible with your bag.

  • Light-weight yet Super-Durable
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Multi-adjustable ~ will fit any body
  • 4 Built-In (Silent) fasteners for fast & easy removal
  • TO CLEAN: Hand-wash or use Dishwasher (top rack only)

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