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Our INNOVA Deluxe Bag Package has it all and includes Innova’s Deluxe Bag, and Innova’s Fly Stool, and Innova’s BackSaver Strap. This Package is for someone who wants it ALL at a low price, and includes Innova’s Superb Light-weight Deluxe Bag. It will securely hold around 18 discs and your personal [phone, keys, wallet]…including 1 quart-size water bottles.

Large or Larger Packages Available!

Our Innova DISCarrier Package features a larger Bag, while our Innova Competiton Bag Package comes with the Innova Competiton Bag.


Bag & Straps & Stool!

Our Innova Deluxe Bag Package includes Innova’s Deluxe Bag, and Backsaver Straps, and Park & Fly Stool. The Competition Bag is available in your choice of 3 colors and has eye-grommets for hooking up the Backsaver Straps FAST!

Worth Every Cent!

The Innova Deluxe Bag is priced to give you More Than Your Money’s Worth, and will be around for many years! While other heavier bags may carry more accessories, this bag is extremely lightweight [2.2 LB] and was designed with comfort in mind. The Bag looks sweet, has great features, and is super durable and will last forever.

Straps Work!

You will be able to notice the difference back-pack straps make! The Innova BackSaver Quad Straps distribute the weight evenly over both shoulders and are easy to use.

Innova Deluxe Bag Package Features:

NOTE! Please add preferred Park & Fly Stool color in our customer’s checkout note section. If we don’t see a note the default color is BLUE.

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