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We currently have the Innova Knit HEADBAND in stock. These BEAUTIFUL Hot-PINK Headbands feature Innova’s logo Embroidery in white stitching, and come in 1 size that will fit almost every head.

2-Tone Pink Only

The Innova Headband is only available in [Pink on Pink] with White Embroidering at this time.They’ll go fast, so get one while they’re in stock!

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It’s That Time!

The Innova Headband is Hot Looking and Stylish! The HEADBAND will keep your head warm during the COLD weather Rounds, and doesn’t let your ears get Nippy! These Headbands stretch to fit almost any head and they’re made from durable and comfortable 100% acrylic.

Limited Availability!

We currently have Innova Headbands in only 2-Tone PINK. The Innova Headbands are Seasonal items.

Innova Beanie Features:

  • Innova Logo Embroidering in white
  • 2-Tone ~ Hot-Pink w/Pink
  • 1 Size Fits most
  • Super Soft
  • 100% Durable Acrylic
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Pink w/White Trim


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