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4 Those About 2 Roc

The Innova Roc Patch features High-Quality Embroidery on top (lots of stitches) and Heat Activated Glue on the back. It’s simple to apply to just about any garment…we’ve added it to Disc Golf Bags, Shirts, and Caps. The Patch is permanently ironed on in 30 seconds of ironing. Use a protective cloth when applying the Innova Roc Patch!

The Innova Roc Patch is for those who are all about the Ledendary Innova ROC Mid-range Driver! If you toss Rocs you know what what we mean!



Roc-On With Your Bad Self!

The Innova Roc Patch is for…those who are all about the Ledendary Innova ROC! The Innova Roc [Bird] Logo is synonymous with all Innova ROC Models! So, If you throw K.C. Rocs, Roc3, Rancho-Rocs, DX Rocs…or any Roc. Here’s a way to show it.

R-U-A Roc Star?

We prefer tossing a Champion Roc3 or Metal Flake Roc3 [with one of our Sky Dyes design on it] here at CRDG! Of course, we also like the other Rocs…it’s the best mid-range driver ever produced and has been part of THOUSANDS of Championship WINS. If the Innova Roc has helped your mid-range game…you can show that you’re an Innova Roc Star by getting a Roc patch.

Color Me Roc

We have the Innova Roc Patch in these colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow [quantities are limited on some colors]

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Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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