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4 Those About 2 Roc

The Innova Roc Patch features High-Quality Embroidery on top (lots of stitches) and Heat Activated Glue on the back. The Innova Roc Patch is for those who are all about the Ledendary Innova ROC Mid-range Driver! If you toss Rocs you know what what we mean!



Roc-On With Your Bad Self!

The Innova Roc Patch is for…those who are all about the Ledendary Innova ROC! The Innova Roc [Bird] Logo is synonymous with all Innova ROC Models! So, If you throw K.C. Rocs, Roc3, Rancho-Rocs, DX Rocs…or any Roc. Here’s a way to show it.

Easy Iron On!

The Patch is permanently ironed on in 30 seconds of ironing. Use a protective cloth when applying the Innova Roc Patch! It’s simple to apply to just about any garment; we’ve added it to Disc Golf Bags, Shirts, and Caps.

R-U-A Roc Star?

We prefer tossing a Champion Roc3 or Metal Flake Roc3 [with one of our Sky Dyes design on it] here at CRDG! Of course, we also like the other Rocs…it’s the best mid-range driver ever produced and has been part of THOUSANDS of Championship WINS. If the Innova Roc has helped your mid-range game…you can show that you’re an Innova Roc Star by getting a Roc patch.

Color Me Roc

We have the Innova Roc Patch in these colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow [quantities are limited on some colors]!

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Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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