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The Innova Star Aviar3 is FLAT-TOPPED slightly-faster Aviar that’s molded from durable [High-End] Star-Line Plastic. The Star Aviar3 is also slightly more stable and can handle more wind than the original Aviar. Aviar3 is for controlled tee shots and aggressive putts.

SPEED: 3 | GLIDE: 2 | TURN: 0 | FADE: 2


3’s The Charm!

The Innova Star Aviar3 is the Best Putter for Disc Golf and is a made from Opaque plastic that’s very firm. Star-Line is priced higher and that’s because it’s more durable than DX or Pro-Line plastics. Star plastic won’t Taco when it hits a tree hard and will never crack.

Flat-topped & Fierce!

Innova RE-TOOLED the #1 putter in disc golf into the ideal driving putter. The Aviar3 is built for speed and has slightly less glide, which makes for a more predictable fade and finish.

Holds a Line!

The Star-line Aviar3 P/A can be Hyzered and also, An-Hyzered and it will hold the line. It will land softly and not skip as much as a mid-range or fairway driver. Aviar3s are PERFECT for short drives, approach shots, and putting. An Aviar3 will Factor (wear) slowly and gets better with age!


Star-Line is Super-Durable plastic that is dye-able and works well for our Sky Dyes.

Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Plastics and 
Weight Range:

Best Choice for:

  • Aggressive putts
  • Short to medium drives
  • Accurate approach shots

Additional information


Lemon-Yellow, Lime-green


165-169 grams


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