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The Innova Star Caiman 1st Run Edition’s release day was 7.16.18 and the Caiman didn’t disapoint! The 5.5 speed Star-Line Caiman 1STY is over-stable and has become the King of the Mid-range Swamp…by being slightly faster than the 5-speed Gator. Innova only stamps 1-RUN with this Collector’s Proto-Star Hot-stamp and they’re GOING FAST!

SPEED: 5.5 | GLIDE: 2 | TURN: 0 | FADE: 4


Here’s a Collector!

The Innova Star Caiman 1st Run is available in limited quantities and they likely will sell quickly! CRDG highly recommends adding the STAR CAIMAN 1st Run to your collection, and stashing it away for a while.

Meet The Caiman!

The Innova Star Caiman is a small diameter mid-range with a good size beak. This mean mid-range driver is available in Innova’s best and most durable [Star-Line] plastic. The Caiman crawled ashore on 7.16.18 and it’s chomping up head-winds and fade-shots on courses everywhere.

Great Fore-hand Mid-range!

For upshots that require a strong, consistent fade—especially into headwinds—look to the Caiman. The microbead gives the Caiman a smooth forehand release.

Feels like…Flies Like?

The Innova Star-line Caiman has a new tiny-beaded design and a flight that most resembles a Star Gator. The backhand grip feels BIG, and the lip is deep with plenty of finger room. The Caiman feels great in a Power-grip and is a great disc for powerful headwind approach shots.

Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Plastics and Weight Range:

Best Choice for:

  • Side-arm mid-range driver!
  • Aggressive approach shots
  • Windy short drives/putts
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Additional information


Lime-green, Orange, Red Coral


173-175 grams


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