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Innova Star RocX3 Pumpkin Stamp


In early 2017 Innova released their fastest and most torque-resistant ROC version and it is called the RocX3. Innova gave this disc a low profile and a beefy rim to add stability and control for powerful back-hand and side-arm tosses. X is the evolution of the Roc3.

Throw The Pumpkin!

The Pumpkin RocX3 is a stable mid-range driver produced in Star-Line plastic that feels and performs like a STAR!

SPEED: 5, GLIDE: 4, TURN: 0, FADE: 3.5

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The Innova Star RocX3 Pumpkin Stamp is for those who dig Halloween and Jack-O-Lanterns. This is the most stable version of the ROC ever produced and this is the Best Mid-Range for Disc Golf in windy conditions! This is the Professional Standard for large diameter STABLE 5-Speed Mid-Range drivers. The RocX3 has the speed and stability that HIGHLY-SKILLED players are looking for and is produced in grippy [Jolly-Launcher Type] Champion-Line plastic.

Stable Mid-range.

The Innova Star RocX3 Pumpkin Stamp is the perfect compliment to your FACTORED old Champion Roc3. Chain Reaction highly recommends it for drives that require a stable mid-range [HEAD-WINDS ] and the RocX3 likes the wind.The RocX3 can be turned-over and it will fight back straight and fade-out as it slows and loses rotation. The RocX3 will SKIP too!

Diameter: 21.7cm (Large)

Available Plastics and Weight Ranges:

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Best Choice for:

  • Windy Conditions
  • Side-arm Mid-Range
  • Hard Fade & Knife Hyzers
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Black, Orange


179-180 grams


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