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This package includes only Innova’s Fly Stool, and Innova’s BackSaver Quad Strap. This Package is for someone who has their own SINGLE STRAP Bag that needs an upgrade! You also get an Innova Park & Fly Stool with this deal.

Bags, Strap, and Stool Packages are Available!

Our DISCarrier Package features a large Bag, while the Competition package has a Competition Bag, and our Deluxe Package comes with the smaller Deluxe Bag.


Straps & Stool!

Our Strap & Stool Package is for somebody who already has a bag, but is looking for some comfort during the round. The Backsaver Straps will take the weight of the bag off your shoulders, and the Park & Fly Stool will get your weight off your legs on the long waits on slow holes.

Straps Work!

You will be able to notice the difference these back-pack straps make! The Innova BackSaver Quad Straps distribute the weight evenly over both shoulders and are easy to use.

Strap & Stool Package Features:

NOTE! Please add preferred Park & Fly Stool color in our customer’s checkout note section. If we don’t see a note the default color is BLUE.

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Black, Blue


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