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The Icon Cannon is loaded-up with Beautiful Super-Durable Plastic and is one of the Prettiest Golf Discs produced! Icon-Edition is opaque with a little Marbling and flawless workmanship. These are the Highest-Quality Golf Discs on the planet, and they’re made in the U.S.A!

SPEED: 14 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -3 | FADE: 3


Legacy Icon Cannon

Legacy released their 2nd disc [Cannon] in Nov. ’11 with a BOOM! The Legacy Icon Cannon is aptly named and will bring out your Inner-Cannon! The Cannon should be a Mainstay In-Your-Bag, because this under-stable Masterpiece is what’s needed for [Big Booming] straight & anhyzer shots.

Well Made!

WOWZA! This disc is HOT! Immediately you will See & Feel the attention to detail Legacy has put into the Icon Cannon. The Cannon has a low-profile & wide-rim with a fairly flat top. It looks very, very FAST and leaves no doubt in your mind…it has the SPEED!

The Details Matter!

The Legacy Icon Cannon is PERFECT and has amazing attention to detail in every aspect! You won’t see any WEIRD PITS or HOLES (that collect dirt and look awful) in Legacy’s Golf Discs! Plus, the leading edge is TIGHT and shows no chatter-scars from removal of the flashing.

Looks Like a Rampage!

The Cannon’s dimensions [Width, Depth, and Rim SPECS] are exactly the same as Legacy’s Pinnacle Rampage, and nose-to-nose they’re hard to tell apart. They’re a couple of the FASTEST discs in the World, but we give the nod to the Cannon and its [14 Speed], [5 Glide], and [-3 Turn] make it our longest too!

Flips-Flat Better!

For long draw-shots…the Legacy Icon Cannon is a MUST…and, it leaves the competition in the DUST Legacy Cannon Rules the [Par 4 & 5 holes] and that’s where many strokes can be cut, especially by folks with a slower-arm! If this sounds like you? You’re going to need an Icon Cannon!

Disc Diameter: 21.1cm

Editions and Weights:

Best Disc For:

  • Long Straight Drives
  • Down-wind Drives
  • Long Distance Drives

Additional information


Blue, Lime-green, Orange, Pink, Red


165-169 grams, 173-175 grams


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