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Legacy’s Icon Patriot will take your negative-turn throws to a level that makes Y’ Momma Proud! The Patriot brings more Confidence in your fairway shots by flying straight or turned till its SORTIE is Completed! We’re PROUD to carry [American-Made] Legacy Discs!

SPEED: 7 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -2 | FADE: 1



The Legacy Icon Patriot Goes to War for you! He’s an under-stable Warrior who’ll defend you from Bogies! This Patriot has low Fade and works well on long Tunnel-Shots! If you’re new to throwing Plastic Into Metal, please get an Icon Patriot and practice ’til you can Tunnel-Shot like a PRO!

Private 1st Class Patriot!

The Icon Patriot is designed with 7-Speed & 1-Fade, and is a sniper that kills Bogeys for a living! The Icon-Ed. Patriot is more accurate & better for close-combat; he beats sending in [14-speed] Captain Cannon!

This One Can Be Rolled!

Roller Shots are the epitome of Skill & Technique! They take [Practice Galore] to Master, and require a Turning-disc. As your Patriot Factors from bumping into trees and rocks it will turn more easily. When released with your arm above your shoulder and with more SPIN; it will flip over onto its edge, and ROLL like a WHEEL! The Patriot is the guy you call-up for a ROLLER!

Looks Matter!

The stock Hot-stamp FEATURES Old Glory, and also PROUDLY says, “Made in the USA!” How Apropos! Relevant graphics [stamps] are norm on all Legacy Discs! The Patriot has Stars & Stripes on all 3-Edition’s Hot-stamp too!

Made By Americans!

The Coolest Game Ever was invented by Americans! Innova produced [patented in 1983] the 1st Golf Disc and thus, Disc Golf was Made in America! THAT ROCKS! [We invented ROCK & ROLL TOO!] It also ROCKS that Legacy has a disc named the Patriot!

Perfect for All Americans!

The legacy Icon Patriot is a Tweener-Disc that flies like a fast & under-stable mid-range with added distance. This 7-Speeder is accurate on negative turn drives, and Flip-Flat Hyzers down tight fairways. The Patriot is perfect for Recruits of all skill levels.

Disc Diameter: 21.1cm

Editions and Weights:

Best Disc For:

  • Turning Drives
  • Downwind Drives
  • Long Distance Drives
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Blue, Hot Pink, Purple, White


165-169 grams, 173-175 grams


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