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The Icon Rival is Legacy’s most popular 7-Speed, and gives you an ADVANTAGE for taking-down your foes. If your stable Fairway Driver is deficient…you’re game will be deficient, especially on the gotta have 300′ HYZER Birdie Holes. You’ll make accurate Fairway shots with your Rival.

Preferred Flyer Program!

Icon-Edition is our preferred plastic for Fairway Drivers! Icon-Ed. exudes CONFIDENCE in your Head! This plastic is programmed to not bend, crack, or taco…Ever!

SPEED: 7, GLIDE: 5, TURN: 0, FADE: 2


Legacy’s 1st F-D!

The Legacy Icon Rival is a small diameter Fairway Driver that’s semi-stable and great into a head-wind. The disc isn’t Blinding Fast, yet its 7-Speed is nicely complimented by its 5-Glide, so the disc stays aloft for good D! If thrown high & hard with some Turn…the Rival could surpass the 400′ mark!

TeeBird’s Twin!

The LIP is ergonomically sound and not at all…too big, wide, or deep! The disc’s profile looks like an Innova Star TeeBird, and it’ll give the Legendary Teebird a Run-For-Its-Money! This disc takes very little practice-time to Master.

Pretty Plastic!

Some of the Coolest looking discs are made using Icon Plastic. The material is opaque and has a little opalescent marbling. Every now & then there’s a batch with a MILKY-RING near the center that looks like an EYE. We’ve nick-named these…Eye-Cons!

Confident Tweener!

The legacy Icon Rival is the TWEENER-DISC you Go-To when you’re not Confident that your Mid-range can make the jump, and/or your Distance Driver will be accurate enough.

Precision Accuracy!

People like to think Faster is Better in this Sport, but it’s NOT TRUE! With great form and technique you can BOOM a [7-Speed] very far, and do so with great accuracy! Rival’s ability to Glide [5] keeps it moving FORWARD w/ease and control for excellent D! We dig the Icon Rival for Headwind Fairway Drives!

Disc Diameter: 21.3cm

Editions and Weights:

Best Disc For:

  • Stable Fairway Drives
  • Headwind Drives
  • Long Distance Fairway Drives
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Additional information


Hot Pink, Orange, Purple, White, Yellow


165-169 grams, 170-172 grams, 173-175 grams


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