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The Legacy Pinnacle Ghost is one Pretty Piece of Plastic, and a Pretty Good Mid-range too! This is our 1st choice for Legacy Mid-ranges, and that’s because M-R discs work SO-GREAT in these types of High-end Plastics. The Pinnacle Ghost will scare-up Birdies and if given a chance to be in your bag…some ACES too! 

What’s It Like?

The Stable [4-Speed] Pinnacle Ghost is so much like Innova’s Champion Roc3, that if set Nose-to-Nose…only an expert can tell the different!

SPEED: 4, GLIDE: 5, TURN: 0, FADE: 3


Don’t be Afraid!

The Legacy Pinnacle Ghost is STUNNING! And, that’s not all! It’s an amazing Mid-range that will build CONFIDENCE in your mid-length game! This large diameter mid-range will make strokes disappear from your score-card for the next DECADE or longer! Even a beginner will benefit from a Pinnacle Edition Ghost, as everyone needs a Stable disc for 200′ to 300′ [Deuce or Die] Holes.

Making Bank!

Legacy’s Ghosts are MONEY for Tournament Pros and get HIGH PRAISE from many Pros in the Sport. This is Team Legacy’s Go-To mid-range, and most carry a few Ghosts from NEW to REALLY OLD in their bag. The mid-range driver is a very important disc to Master! Mids will set-up the Birdie Putts and are where you’ll get many of your ACES!

Rock The Ghost!

The Legacy Pinnacle Ghost competes with Innova’s Champion Roc3 for Top Stable Mid-range, and their flight characteristics are comparable. The Ghost tracks like a slightly Factored Roc3 and the Ghost’s profile is almost a ROC’S TWIN Bros…with a beaded bottom side lip as well.

Ghostly Good!

The Pinnacle Ghost will fly into a head-wind nicely and as it slows…it fades very predictably. Short distances and medium drives are where the Pinnacle Ghost performs best.

Disc Diameter: 21.8cm

Editions and Weights:

Best Disc For:

  • Beaded Lip Lovers
  • Medium Length Drives
  • Accurate Long Approach-shots
  • Windy Mid-range Drives

Additional information


Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, White


165-169 grams, 170-172 grams, 173-175 grams, 176-178 grams


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