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If you’re looking for another way to be a Legacy Discs FAN? Here you go! Legacy’s Golf Towels are soft enough to wipe your face or discs dry…without scratching either! This sweet towel is printed with Legacy’s 1st Run Logo, & their Motto: “Play With Confidence!”

Don’t Lose Your Towel!

Want your Towel to stop falling on the ground? The Legacy Towel can secured to your bag with a Legacy Wristband looped through the bag’s strap. Then you can Confidently Hang A Towel [that’s what we do]!

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Wipe With Confidence!

The Legacy Towel is Fabulous! If you’re looking for the best Disc Golf Towel…you’ve found it! Legacy Golf Towels are Thick and Plush, and feature a large Legacy 1st Run Logo silk screened on top. This golf towel is hemmed and has no stringy material hanging off it to attract burrs. One quality brass grommet is installed and a towel ring is included.

More Great Stuff!

The Legacy Towel is available in a few colors, but is [limited in availability] and like Legacy Products…they always go fast! Legacy is a small business that manufactures Premium Golf Discs and they also have other products like Disc Golf Bags, Sportswear, Headwear, and Swaggy Stuff.

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