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Disc Golf is the Greatest Sport and here’s a great way to show it’s your sport! Disc golf is the Perfect Sport for people of all ages and athletic abilities, and is also one of the Fastest Growing Sports on the planet! Albeit, there are plenty of people who haven’t DISCovered the game and here’s a perfect medium to spread the word!

Grow The Sport!

These Innova License Plate Frames send a message to everyone…PLAY DISC GOLF.

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Innova has you Covered!

The Innova License Plate Frame is easy to install and will take less than 5-minutes to attach to your car. Your existing screws/bolts are used and a Phillips or Standard screwdriver is the only tool needed!

Shock Proof!

This cover is made from hard plastic that can withstand the elements and will last for many, many years. The cover is finished in bright paint and the Innova SWOOSH Logo is Striking! The added words send an Excellent Message! PLAY DISC GOLF!

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