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Land of Enchantment!

Are you looking for a Beautiful New Mexico Flag Dye on a Golf Disc? You found it! We can SKY DYE the ZIA SUN on an Innova Champion-Line or Star-Line disc of your choice from our inventory.

Have you read the Sky Dye Info Page?

Please read our Sky Dye Info Page if you haven’t done so yet! The process is a little technical and requires you to follow some simple rules, or your order may be delayed or rejected.

Please Page down for more New Mexico Flag Sky Dye details!

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Zia Sun Sky Dye

Please read the Sky Dye Info Page before purchasing a SKY DYE!

The New Mexico Flag Sky Dye requires 2-dye sessions and the process will take 2-days to complete your Beautiful New Mexico Flag Sky Dye!

Part 1:

Add SKY DYE design to Shopping Cart [1st]!

Please add the New Mexico Flag Sky Dye to your Shopping Cart NOW! If you would like more than one…you may add as many as needed. After you have [1ST] added the Sky Dye to your cart, you can proceed to find the disc or discs you want to purchase…[PART 2], for this New Mexico Flag Sky Dye to go on. Please add the Sky Dye before the DISC when ordering!

Orders with 2 or more NM Flag Zia Sun SKY DYES!

Please READ The Sky Dye Info Page for detailed instructions on how to purchase multiple New Mexico Flag Sky Dye!

Part 2:

Add DISC [to be dyed] to the Shopping Cart [2nd]!

Now, you’re ready to find the disc you want the New Mexico Flag Sky Dyed on to. Note! Not all golf disc plastic can be Sky Dyed, so you must purchase a HIGH-END disc from our stock! The TOP-QUALITY PLASTIC Golf Discs are the ONLY DISCS we’ll dye!

We don’t SKY DYE: DX-Line or Pro-Line plastic types.

Please Do Not add a DX or Pro-Line disc to your Sky Dye order or your order will be delayed.

This Sky Dye Requires a YELLOW Disc!

The New Mexico Flag Sky Dye must be dyed on a YELLOW golf disc, or it will NOT look like the picture shown. Please choose a disc that is [YELLOW ] from our inventory. It is very important that you choose [ONLY YELLOW  DISCS] for this SKY DYE or your order will be sent back or declined.

Best Plastic for New Mexico Flag Sky Dye:

  • Champion-Line Plastic (YELLOW ONLY)
  • Blizzard Champion Plastic (YELLOW ONLY)
  • Metal Flake Champion Plastic (YELLOW ONLY)
  • GStar-Line Plastic (YELLOW ONLY)
  • Star-Line Plastic w/bottom stamp (YELLOW ONLY)
  • StarLite Plastic (YELLOW ONLY)


We like Sky Dyeing Innova Metal Flake Champion-Line Plastic golf discs. These discs are made from Champion Plastic that has tiny Metal Flakes. We try to carry plenty of YELLOW Metal Flake Plastic, although these metal flake discs are are limited in lighter colors.

Innova Metal Flake Champion-Line models:

Metal Flake Destroyer, Metal Flake Roc3, Metal Flake Katana, Metal Flake TeeBird, Metal Flake TeeBird3, Metal Flake VRoc, Metal Flake GatorMetal Flake Mamba, and Metal Flake Wraith.

Click here for SKY DYE System Main page.


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