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Sorry! We’re out of the R-Pro Boss! Innova has discontinued production of this model.

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R-Pro Boss

The Innova R-Pro Boss is made from Grippy R-Pro Line [Premium] Plastice. R-Pro Plastic is slightly more expensive than DX Plastic…that’s because it is more durable and doesn’t beat-up as fast as DX-Line plastic. The R-Pro Boss is made from Light-weight GRIPPY R-Pro Plastic that feels awesome and R-Pro Plastic will break-in slowly over time. This will be someone’s favorite Golf Disc for a long time.

World Record Distance Driver!

The Boss is one of the fastest and longest distance discs in the World. The Pro Line Boss is the CURRENT WORLD DISTANCE RECORD HOLDING DISC! In April of 2016, Team Innova’s David Wiggins Jr. BOOMED a Boss 338 Meters, 1108.92′ for a new WR High-Mark.


The Innova Boss has been CRDG’s FAVORITE [Fast & Stable] distance driver since it was launched in August, 2008.

Diameter: 21.2cm (Small)
Available Plastics and 
Weight Range:

Best Choice for:

  • Power Players.
  • Sidearm Throws.
  • Fast, long distance off the tee.

Additional information


Fuchsia, Hot Pink, White


155-159 grams


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