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Star Aviar3 1st Run


The Innova Star Aviar3 1ST RUN Edition is the perfect disc to add to your collection! Because, Innova Aviars are renowned as the BEST PUTTERS and that will make the Aviar3 highly sought after by collectors. Innova only stamps 1-RUN with this coveted Proto-Star Hot-stamp and when they’re gone…they’re GONE! Some of Innova’s 1st Run Proto-Star stamped discs have later sold for HUNDRED$

Flat-topped & Fierce!

Innova RE-TOOLED the #1 putter in disc golf into the ideal driving putter. The Aviar3 is built for speed and has slightly less glide, which makes for a more predictable fade and finish.

SPEED: 3, GLIDE: 2, TURN: 0, FADE: 2

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Collector’s Disc!

The Innova Star Aviar3 1st Run Edition was released on 3.20.17 and is a TRUE COLLECTOR’S-DISC. Innova produced the Aviar3 in limited quantities and they likely will see-out quickly! CRDG highly recommends adding the Aviar3 1st Run to your collection, and holding onto it for a while.

Holds a Line!

The Star-line Aviar3 P/A can be Hyzered, or An-Hyzered (turned-over) and it will hold the line. It will land softly and not skip as much as a mid-range or fairway driver. Aviar3s are PERFECT for short drives, approach shots, and putting. An Aviar3 will Factor (wear) slowly and gets better with age!

Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Plastics and 
Weight Range:

Best Choice for:

  • Golf Disc Collection!
  • Aggressive putts
  • Short to medium drives
  • Accurate approach shots

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165-169 grams


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