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The Star Mirage 1st Run Proto Star Edition is a brand new under-stable Putt and Approach disc that’s a great choice for less experienced Disc Golfers. The Mirage will glide easily and can be turned-over easily too. You can Drive, Approach, and Putt with the Mirage!

SPEED: 3 | GLIDE: 4 | TURN: -3 FADE: 0


Mirage 1st Run Is Unbelievable!

The Innova Star Mirage 1st Run Edition is available in Extremely Limited Quantities and should be added to your COLLECTION! Innova only releases 1-RUN with this 1st Run Proto-Star Hot-Stamp. It’s a Collectors Disc that may be worth many Hundreds of Dollars some day! The Innova Mirage is made from grippy, firm Star-Line plastic that’s very durable and very Collectible!

1 Disc Wonder!

The Star Mirage 1st Run is an easy disc to control and makes a great NEWBIE disc. It’s a disc that can be thrown off the Tee, thrown for the approach, and then thrown for the Putt. The Innova Star Mirage 1st Run has tremendous range for a P/A disc and is a perfect Disc for 1-Disc Rounds and a Great Disc For Kids!


Available Plastics and Weight Range:

Best Choice for:

  • An all-around performer
  • Easy to grip and release
  • Great for 1-Disc Rounds

Additional information


Hot Pink, Pink


165-169 grams, 170-172 grams


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