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No Flight Numbers!

The Star Skeeter Mold has no Flight Numbers…and never did. Hmmm? We Suspect Something’s Up and the Star Skeeter is going OOP (Out-Of-Production). CRDG is not 100% SURE of this! Even though, if you throw Skeeters…we suggest adding a Pair to your Collection!

Skeeter Feels Great!

The Star Skeeter is a domey [POP-TOP] Middy that’s produced in softer blend of Star-Line plastic. It’s a very grabby plastic that makes for better throws.

SPEED: 5, GLIDE: 5, TURN: -1, FADE: 1


Get Bitten!

The Innova Star Skeeter PF # is made from Star-Line plastic that feels slightly softer, and BITES back for a better grip! Star-line is a very durable plastic that will break-in slowly, but Star plastic won’t wear out…Ever!

1 Disc Wonder!

The Skeeter is a straight flying mid-range that’s used for putts, approaches, and drives. You’ll like the Skeeter’s large rim for Pure, Power-Grip, Turn-over up-shots. The Skeeter holds a variety of lines and is great for getting out of trouble!

Skeeter is All That!

And, A Box of Chocolates! This utility disc is excellent for zipping through a technical course, plus, the Skeeter is a 5-Speed with good glide and distance. And, it’s an Awesome Disc on a wide open course too.

Pre-Flight Numbered Only!

The Star Skeeter PF # is only available in a Pre-Flight # Hot-stamp version. So, these Skeeters may be the last in Star-Line plastic, but only Innova knows the fate of the Star Skeeter. Innova has the Star Skeeter shown on their most current Disc Chart. Still, we’ve seen a lot of discs come and go like this, so stock-up now if you throw Star Skeeters, or are looking for PF# or OOP discs to add to your collection.

Diameter: 21.7cm

Available Plastics and Weight Ranges:

  • Star Skeeter: 150-180g

Best Choice for:

  • Placement shots
  • Straight shots
  • Short approaches
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Additional information


Orange, Red, White, Yellow


150-154 grams, 173-175 grams


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